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for War on the Horizon

3/28/2018 c1 booksandwaffles
Woah this was so good and please continue this is so good!
6/15/2017 c2 Dunyazade101
wow this sis awesome i love the relationship that sansa and arya share. and i really love tge direwolves
6/14/2015 c2 1Manoella Nascimento
This seem very interesting - I like the way you write with these little flashes of scenes and I also like how you portrayed Arya and Sansa - so different, but sill sisters. Hope to read more soon!
3/14/2015 c1 Guest
Just a small thing: you've marked Jon as Jon.A instead of Jon.S in your characters
2/12/2015 c2 30screaming internally
I really want to see the end of this! Is there going to be a war, or an internal politicking battle, what?
2/2/2015 c2 269Dance Elle Dance
I love this story! I think you're doing a great job and I hope you end up continuing this! Great work!
9/18/2014 c2 Guest
7/31/2014 c2 ImpTarg
Wnen you describe Sansa it somehow brings to mind an image of Naerys, the Targaryen Queen ehi wore white and had an affair with the Dragonknight. For some reason I always get the feeling that this type of relationship will develop with those two.
Although, if Varys gets involved and tells Jon his parentage and if Ned ACTUALLY tries to place Jon on the throne when Robert dies, well that would be beautiful to read.
6/29/2014 c2 Mikano
This is so well written! ;u; I really hope you continue it and I look forward to the next chapter!
6/23/2014 c2 GrimoireHeart
3/3/2014 c2 Princess of Midnight
Yup, Joffrey is a jerk. But first, another great chapter. You are a very good writer, Sarsaparillia.
Okay, onward. So I like the writing in Ayra's POV and I really love seeing the relationship between the sisters. It was sad seeing how desperate she wants to help Sansa. I like the mental imagery of Sansa loosing all her coloring, except for her hair. She does seem like a ghost of herself.
Come On Jon, bring her back!
I wonder what Ayra has planned to 'switch'. Sigh, so much can happen now.
Please, continue. Don't give it up. You have yourself a loyal follower now:)
Thank you
3/3/2014 c1 Princess of Midnight
WOW! That was amazing! why don't you have more reviews?
this whole idea is great. Jon in Kings' Landing, huh? Good thing he wants to protect his family because they are literally in one of the worse places to be.
Sigh, the diction is lovely. The last line is a good choice in connection to the books and just the way the flow is, is wonderful.
I like the love triangle aspect that is going to happen. Heh, it is sweet how he sometimes thinks Sansa is the only good thing in the world. Hopefully, she'll show her Northern will of steel.
This is just a great story that I hope you continue for many more chapters.
Thank you
2/8/2014 c2 4followsrabbit
I'm really loving this so far! Can't wait to read more! And for more Jon and Sansa interaction, of course :) I'm dying to know how Jon responds to the bruises...
12/29/2013 c2 33The Scarlett Ribbon
Godamn, girl.
Can we just appreciate Sansa and Arya getting along in King's Landing? With Lady and Nymeria lolling on the ends of their bed? Can we talk about Arya sharing the secret of her dancing lessons?
Sansa is in an abusive relationship oh god. And she doesn't even like him now, she just wants to be Queen and she's stuck and making the best of it and she's scared aND ALL HER COLOUR IS LEAVING EXCEPT HER HAIR.
And can we talk about how Arya's first instinct is to go tell Jon? AND NOW ARYA IS GOING TO HELP THEIR FATHER ISN'T SHE AND JON IS GOING TO BE SANSA'S BODYGUARD. YES.
This is a masterpiece, moirail. A fucking masterpiece.
12/26/2013 c1 The Scarlett Ribbon
And also this is the most beautiful Christmas gift ever I am screaming and crying and I can't breathe okay this is why you need to write all the asoiaf fic bc
my god what
how is this so perfect I can't even
jon is just
flawless and this verse YEEEEES mummy stark and sansa is such a dreamer and arya is so angry already and mistrustful and
godamn you
hI cant'
excuse me while I run around the room some more because i'veread this twic e now and it just keeps getting better ok
fuck you, moirail this is perfect I waited like a year for this FUCKING HELL
so worth the wait
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