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1/12/2014 c1 10Iridescent Swan
LUKE! 3 Lol I'm sorry but this swan here's a Luke-fangirl :3

I love the way you characterized him! Sincere, check. Loving, check. Somewhat "innocent", check. Aww short but cute :3
1/7/2014 c1 35Cotton Candy Mareep
Aaaw, this was such a cute story. I love both the characters involved in this pairing, and I like how you included Lucy in there, too. I’m sure Lucy would appreciate spending a Christmas in the snow with a proper Christmas tree for once, since Toucan Island would be so hot even during the winter. I also thought it was nice how you described the changes they’ve been through the past few years. Luke may have mellowed out a bit as he aged, but he’s still Luke, and his old personality shines through at times. And I love how Selena started her own dance studio; I could see her doing that.

Some parts were pretty darn funny, too; like this little gem here: “he only swung his axe at trees now, and only if no one was within fifteen feet.” I can just imagine Luke’s “mad axe skills” getting him into trouble at one point, but after having a child, he’s matured considerably. But of course, his method of impressing Selena and Lucy would be chopping down a ten foot tall Christmas tree, haha.

Great job on this story! It was short, but I like the way you wrote the characters, especially Luke. I just hope their Christmas in the Garmon Mine District turned out just as Luke had planned, if not better!

-Cotton Candy Mareep
12/30/2013 c1 46yadon
This was very sweet and in-character of Luke, how he's constantly trying to prove himself to those he loves. Even with how short this was, you could get a sense of just how deeply he cares about Lucy and Selena. And even though he's more er..."mature", he still has that fun Luke side that wants to make everyone smile.

I loved the way you described him proposing to Selena. L/S is one of my favorite rival couples but I never honestly thought about Luke being so nervous that he'd need liquid courage to propose to her (as opposed to just being oblivious to his feeling). But I like it a lot, it makes sense when you think about how his confession to the girl protag is similar- him blurting stuff out because he's nervous.

ANYWAY good job, and I hope you had a happy holidays and thank you for writing this, Halidom!
12/27/2013 c1 10Mariner12
Aww, how sweet!
I enjoyed this one-shot. It makes sense that Luke would mellow out after having a kid. I laughed when Luke mentioned his "mad axe skills". :)
Thank you for this lovely story! Merry belated Christmas!
12/26/2013 c1 Icefeather
Aww! Super cute!

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