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6/25/2015 c9 24VampireRide
One thing, the force from Max jumping out a second story window would knock Fang onto the ground, but other than that, really good. And Fang teaching Max how to skate is absolutely adorable XD
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6/25/2015 c8 VampireRide
No, Poor Iggy, Poor Nudge, Poor everybody! Sam my baby! Is Ari in this story? I don't remember if he's been mentioned or not. Oh God, please don't let him be a bad guy if he comes in. *Sobs* this story makes me too emotional
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6/25/2015 c7 VampireRide
Hmmm, I'm debating whether or not the max-fang dynamic is developing too fast. Although at the same time I could see why it would develop at the speed it's going. I'll have to argue with myself as I read about twenty... five? more chapters. And I haven't said this in at least one review so I'll say it now, I love this story XD
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6/25/2015 c6 VampireRide
Wow, they all have sucky lives. I just wanna hug them all and take them away from their bad homes D: But of course mostly Iggy because he's my favorite.
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6/25/2015 c5 VampireRide
I'd really like a moment where Jeb realizes he's being a radical SOB and apologizes and him and Max get to have a nice father-daughter relationship. Although with Jeb, that probably won't happen but one can dream, can't they?
And poor Max. I like how Fang and Max kinda have the same story but there is still vast differences between them. I thought it'd be like the same story different POV but it's not if you actually read it and it's really nice.
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6/25/2015 c4 VampireRide
Awesome. Loving the flock. And EW Niggy... disgusting. I despise it. May it burn. Sadge for life XD
And I love motorcycles so props for the motorcycle. Again, all the outfit descriptions were a little much and while I understand why they're essential to the story I wish they flowed a bit more but other than that loving it
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6/24/2015 c3 VampireRide
"gates of hell slamming shut" Line was so majestic and made me laugh out loud. And whoa, that dinner was definitely tense. If only they listened to FOB and PatD then this story would be amplified by a hundred. But it's still amazingly awesome and now I have to listen to Rebel Love Song but also read the next chapter... so torn, I don't know what to do- next chapter.
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6/24/2015 c2 VampireRide
I feel like Max and Fang are both kinda stereotypical punk rocker kids but considering 1) I've written a 3-shot with Fang like that- and a 1-shot... and 2) I'm planning on writing an actual story with Fang like that, I can't complain. Besides it makes it interesting. Adds to the intensity.
And I love Fang's POV. It immediately hooked me. I can't wait to see how this dinner goes. Loving it so far
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6/24/2015 c1 VampireRide
Not gonna lie, this chapter beat me to death with all the descriptions. I get that it's necessary but it just kept slapping me in the face and I was just hoping it would stop. But I do like the plot and am excited to see how all this plays out XD
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6/22/2015 c32 4katzapped
Max, Max, Max.

You are being a bitch right now.

You need to get over yourself, and start thinking about how Ella feels.

You are both upset over the death of your mom, but right now, Ella is clinging to Jeb because its the only thing she has, you're pushing her away to spend time with Fang.

You need to put yourself in her shoes and see how YOU feel.
6/22/2015 c32 4Spitfire303
6/20/2015 c31 101abetternameneeded
Love it!
6/15/2015 c31 4katzapped
Well. Is it just me or is Max really irresponsible in this story?

When Jeb's out and two of her friends, who have been abused, are staying at her house, she just dumps them on Ella and goes out to make out with Fang.

Meanwhile, Ella is stuck with 2 people that she doesn't know THAT well, and Max didn't tell her how long they'd be gone. RIGHT AFTER THEIR MOM DIED. Seems like pretty poor planning to me.

I feel bad for Ella. And Jeb, too, a little bit. He didn't even know what was going on, he tried to help Ella by calling Max but she didn't even pick up her phone the first time because she was making out with Fang.

6/15/2015 c31 4Spitfire303
interesting :-)
6/15/2015 c31 maxfang4ever
write now i LOVE fang ur story is great
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