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12/29/2014 c22 Zoe Milex
Hi! Wow, that was a really fast update from my POV i just subscribed yesterday! Can I just say that I'm really loving this story so far! I was a little worried that it was going to become too Fax focused, but you do an amazing job balancing between everyone in the group and their problems.

And THANK YOU for *not* making Jeb an abusive asshole! I really think he's just a bit misguided, but he does love his daughter, in his own, very very messed up way :( NOT saying I agree with what he's done - he has a lot of growing up to do before I actually like him, but it's nice to see that he is possibly redeemable.

And oh gosh, Nudge in this chapter. It was all of two seconds, but still. That girl is going through so much shit, but she still takes the time to comfort someone she's known for a month. That right there is why I love her so much. She selfless. It's wonderful :')

And Ella. Hmm, I wonder what's going on with her? Normally I have guesses, but this round I really can't think of anything... :o Hope whatever it is it isn't going to get her into trouble . And as awful as it is that she thinks Max feels that way about her, she's not completely wrong to think that, especially after Max's tantrum.

Okay, I think that's everything I have to say right now. Awesome story, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what comes next! ;D
12/29/2014 c22 6Pure-Hazard
11/27/2014 c21 FireStarRD
Poor Max! D: this is horrible!
11/27/2014 c20 FireStarRD
It's fine. Fanfiction readers get needy! We get it. Write when you can :)
11/27/2014 c18 FireStarRd
I'll make sure to keep that insult in mind for next time;)
11/27/2014 c14 FireStarRD
I'm agreeing with everything you said, but I'm pro choice- kinda. I think if the woman was raped or knows she would abuse or neglect the child, or if it's a teen and they can't, or if they are sick and having the child would kill them they should abort, but other then that I think they should have the child.

Just my thoughts, feel free to disagree :)
11/27/2014 c13 FireStarRD
agood ole ms. Hudson! :)
11/27/2014 c12 FireStarRD
Oh my god! People actually do that?! They're sick!

I'm not a Christian or whatever but

1) God loves everyone wouldn't he be mad if you hurt another person? That's one of the Ten Commandments- thou shall not hurt or whatever, and 2) THATS EFFING INSANE! Those poor kids that have to go through that, it's horrible, inhumane, and sick, and if you know anyway I can help PLEASE contact me!
11/27/2014 c6 FireStarRD
Sorry I haven't reviewed, the stories so good I just want to keep hitting "next chapter". Keep it up! :)
11/27/2014 c1 FireStarRD
I'm so glad I decided to read this! I loved your other stories and I'm sure this will be no different!

In the end, as I fade into the night,

Who will tell, the story of your life

11/27/2014 c21 Guest
I really really hope that u do not hate r not all so bad.U kinda painted i like most christians are nothin wrong wt bein goth(i thnk its coo),its d drinkin and smokin i dont that,its really awesome.I hate Jeb.I also loved hes killin u.:-D
11/27/2014 c1 FireStarRD
Is the name based off the BVB Song?

Great story! _
11/27/2014 c21 4katzapped

STAY STRONG! I love your stories, ergo I love you and you're my best friend, so keep writing and eating ice cream and climbing rainbows and slapping the shit out of annoying people! So basically, being happy. :D

I will always read your stories! Even if you put a year between updates so don't sweat it. :D

10/24/2014 c20 janus3997
hi i was just wondering does iggy go blind in this story (since hes blind in the books)? and poor max ;-; btw i love your story _
10/16/2014 c20 3maximumgirl23306
This chapter is so sad...
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