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for Rebel Love Song

2/20/2017 c14 Annabeth
You are a very talented writer! I just want you to know that I am very picky about what I will read on here and I have been reading quite a few of your stories! Keep up the great work! Also, you have a fabulous taste in music. Keep being awesome!
12/4/2016 c43 NoCluez
TT. whhhyyyyyyy? can u update soon when u have the chance? bc I rlly like this so yea...
12/4/2016 c43 16QuestionableIntentions
hey there. keep writing. you will TOTALLY finish this beautiful thing that you've created.
only...i'm not sure i want it to end. :(
love you and keep up the great work,
11/17/2016 c43 sophiecampbellbower
I love it.
I hate Ella. She's just so clingy! I can't stand her! She's always whining! Please, not everything is about you!
I want Fang! FAX!
Please update soon!
11/16/2016 c43 Dr4gon1c3f34th3r
I feel so proud of you for keeping on with this story even tho its been so long :D
keep writing!
11/15/2016 c43 2CosmicKitten16
Fuck another story that I haven't seen in ages! How longs it been? I really hope you finish this story (even if I hate how Max acts in this).
11/14/2016 c43 3BlakeShadow
I'm so happy you updated again, I love this story and can't wait to see what happens next.
11/10/2016 c1 Guest
Are you going to update?
11/4/2016 c42 16QuestionableIntentions
pm me if you are having a bad day.
...i have no life, so i'll usually be around.
i'll stick with this story as i absolutely love it. keep updating!
p.s. you got me into black veil brides and 3dg and others, and honestly, i dont know if i'd be on this website right now if not for you and your fics and bands and general awesomeness. so yeah. thanks.
10/10/2016 c42 3BlakeShadow
I love your story and I really hope you update soon
10/8/2016 c42 sophiecampbellbower
I love it! The whole story is just amazing! You are really talented and if you could update more frequently it'd be great!
I want Ella to know what Max almost did because of her. She's being selfish and stuborn and she thinks Max is just over reacting and I want her to feel guilty and to realize what a spoiled girl she is! So please make Fang tell her or make him tell Angel or someone from the Flock and then make them tell her! I don't think Max would be abble to tell her herself so I think it's better if someone else tells Ella.
Anyway please update soon!
10/3/2016 c42 Rustymatrix
It's all good I'll stick with you through the longest hiatus.( I think that's how you spell that) I just hope you're doing good. Have a great time.
10/1/2016 c42 Guest
I've been waiting for this chapter for forever
10/1/2016 c42 Guest
I love this. I can relate in so many ways, but I wanted to tell you my opinion on the Max being a cowered conflict. Really for anyone not depressed, suicide is just a sad excuse, but with depression it is all just a matter of time before you blow. Suicide is just a way of saying "I'm done," because, really that's it, you are done with being pushed around, you don't have any fight left to do something yourself and no one is willing to stand up for you, we are not doing this for attention, we just want out of a cruel place, and really the only solution left is death. I, however think that it should be a last resort, you have to be able to fight a little. I would love to talk with you and get opinions and such, also maybe get fed back about some of my own stories, you are obviously a good writer, if you would like to talk with me my Gmail address is .
7/27/2016 c41 Rustymatrix
hey max isnt a mary sue and please keep wrighting your good at it. so yea not like you'l actually read this. but hey im just a number a statistic.
sorry that was a little dark.
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