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for Rebel Love Song

7/10/2016 c41 Guest
Omg please update soon. I love this story and it kills me whenever I check and there is no update. I also love your other one too!
5/13/2016 c41 Guest
Please update. Plz plz plz
3/6/2016 c1 Guest
hurry up and UPDATE
this is really good but you take 2 long
2/29/2016 c41 FireStarRD
I like the story but some things are silly. Not many, just like how Max is mad at her dad for rightfully thinking something happened. Keep up the good work! :)
2/28/2016 c41 1nildot
No, you've made Max seem just like a normal teen. Think about it: her mother just died, she feels like she can't trust her father, and she just doesn't know what the heck to do. Have her keep on like this for a little while longer, maybe until chapter 43 or 44. I live your writing! Keep it up!
2/24/2016 c41 4Spitfire303
Max is a little OCC but that is what happens no matter how hard you try whenever you take characters out of their natural state. She is still a really strong character who makes decisions based on the information available to her, as well as her health (mental and physical). She is possibly a little mary sue-ish but in the sense that you have put you experiences on her characte, to enhance the story, however a defining feature of mary sue's is thier ability to be better at everything in any scenario- they are usually in effect a perfect character who everything turns out brilliantly for. Which as far as i can see you max isn't. Also they are usually original characters, who come in up stage everything and then mrry the main 'hot' guy of the show.
Also with about relating to her, all good characters are relatable and people normally write best when it either involves or leans on emotions or experiences they are familiar with. E. I'd be okay writinng about university but terrible writing about sex etc.
This version of max is strong (different to the books- but thata not always a bad thing), she isn't 'fixing' anything but she is a teenage girl trying to cop, with just how fucked up this world is. She is managing to do so (in my opinion) without placing the blame on anyone else and by mending what she can where. Max is also doing something that alot of people have issues with recognising a lost cause and deciding fixing it is not worth it and moving on-to prevent herself more pain. For which i respect the character greatly.

Just my humble opinion, but i think you a great writer and i really enjoy your stories.
~ Spitfire303

Sorry about the massive review :)
But i felt it was needed.
Also off topic but, a while back was a bit down and i was reading one of your fics (unfortunately i can't remember which one- might have been this one) and although the situation was different i really connected with the story and you had a little spiel on either thay chapter or and earlier one, either way it made me realise that people would miss me and that i would be doing more harm to the people around me (especially my little sister). So i just wanted to say thank you very much. It was the wake up call i needed to go and talk to people :) and lifes much better now :D even have started university and everything.

Just thought you should know how much of a difference your little notes and stories make to people. Hope you have a great year :) and that life sorts it shit out ae? :)
2/24/2016 c40 Spitfire303
As always very enjoyable
2/23/2016 c41 2Angel Of Death00
No you didn't. I like the story a lot and have Ben waiting forever for you to start it again.
2/23/2016 c41 Dr4gonIc3F34th3r
Personally, for me, a mary sue is someone who has made no mistakes and is the perfect little girl.
max has made a ton of mistakes in this story.
if max was a mary sue, i think that she wouldnt have completly jumped off the bridge, but simply stood there untill fang came.
and instead of not listening to her father, she would have listened.

uhg, i hate when a guest flames you, its so hard to reply because you dont know if they see your reply...
cheer up and i cant wait for the chappie!
2/22/2016 c41 CrimsonTearsWillFlow
Personally, I think you are doing a fantastic job with this story and writing Max. I have never thought of Max as some kind of "Mary Sue." Keep up the good work! Update whenever you feel up to it. I can be patient ;)
2/22/2016 c40 Guest
Who does nothing but complain about her problems instead of trying to solve them.
2/22/2016 c40 Guest
Wow. Congratu-fucking-lations you have turned max in to a mary sue.
2/22/2016 c40 Dr4gonIc3F34th3r
*dreams of max and fang cuddleing*
*posts this comments to tell you good joooob*
2/22/2016 c40 Angel Of Death00
Hey. Long time no see. I don't mind the wait because it is a good story.
2/6/2016 c39 Guest
Update plz I'm dying here. This story is amazing but it's not being updated!
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