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10/26/2020 c7 BookLoverAlly
Ok, so I know this story hasn’t been updated in like, 6 years, but I just found it and I freaking LOVE IT! This story is one of my favorite AU sort of things for CS and I really hope you might update this soon!
4/11/2020 c7 13bluesands22
So... I know it has been years... but please continue! I really like this version!
11/22/2017 c7 LimeCandy
I adore this story. I hope you see this review and know your writing is awesome
2/17/2016 c7 ouatforevs
i love this fanfic , pls continue this # love CS
2/11/2016 c7 OnceUponASarcasticSinger
Hi there! Just a girl who's completly IN LOVE (like CaptainSwan level in love) with this story and I'm really sad to see that you have not updated it in almost TWO YEARS I really really hope you're planning on finishing the story because I'm completly hooked! (Pun intended )
6/26/2015 c7 aCinnaMeg519
This story is really heating up! Can't wait for the update! It's an original concept and your characterization is on point!
3/19/2015 c7 19SpartanGuard
I just came across this and I have to say, it's adorable. Hopefully you get a chance to update it again someday—I'd love to see where it was headed!
3/16/2015 c7 Guest
Please please update!
2/20/2015 c7 4eternaltshirt
OOOOO! Cliffie! Can't wait for the next chapter!
1/10/2015 c7 2Quinn Aries
Please continue! That cliffhanger is driving me insane!
12/3/2014 c7 Amanea
Just discovered this and I freaking love it! I really reallyyy hope it'll be contined!
11/7/2014 c7 jeepgirl1973
I like it...AWESOME please continue. Thanks
8/7/2014 c7 1AB18
I totally adore your fic, please write more
7/30/2014 c7 1captain swan otp
OH PLEASE UPDATE THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AND I NEED THE NEXT CHAPTER! (i have the feeling the woman is either Ursula or Regina and they're gonna either try and drown Emma (cue awesome Killian rescue) or they'll like kidnap Killian and try and like kill him with sun exposure or something (cue awesome Charming family rescue)) but any way PLEASE JUST UPDATE!
7/26/2014 c7 Guest
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