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for Castles in the Sand

6/9/2014 c7 2Lovesick1996
uhhh need more and soon!
6/4/2014 c7 SpreadTheNerd18
Most amazing au EVER
5/20/2014 c7 insoo
why :( they just finally got together now someone is gonna ruin it its to depressing :(
5/22/2014 c7 aKqR-KPZTQ
goddamit, what even ?! you cannot ! you cannot ! leave me hanging here just like this! no, no, no, no, no ! I refuse ! I need —need— you to update this, like—right now! I need you to! please, pretty please! oh my god! my babies are so cute and oh

that woman at the ball was Killian's mother, wasn't she not? is she trouble? I hope not! I mean this two have enough on their plate as it is! please do not do this!

by the way, love, love the Charmings ! they're just delightful !

anyhow, please you gotta update this fast, please as soon as you can :)!

p.s: I'm 'He's-My-Dendalion' {I just cannot long in this phone somehow! ugh} [you'll be hearing quite a lot from me though!]
5/20/2014 c7 2Cad521
Oh I can't wait for the next chapter. I loved that they got to know each other and fell for each other whole heartedly. I anxiously await :)
5/7/2014 c7 Nothing-Everything-Something
Absolutely love! I kinda hoping for some more mermaid action... Like Liam or one of Killians cousins follow him and almost catch him with Emma or they do find out and some of the mermaids are pissed off and try to drown Emma but Killian saves her... I don't know it just seems most of the story is on land instead of what going on under the sea
5/2/2014 c6 10TealyBob
I just- this is- how do you-
I'm dying. This is so wonderful X)
5/1/2014 c4 TealyBob
Wow. This is so beautifully original that I think I might never get over it. I love how you've set it up and the way you have them interact is flawless. I love this. Wow.
4/25/2014 c7 1chickwiththebluehair
oh my god
this is probably my new favorite fic. I'm not even kidding I love this so fucking much.
Cannot wait for the next update!
4/14/2014 c7 jessie
it takes a lot for me to like AU. brvo. please keep going?
4/12/2014 c7 94swishandflickwit
Oh. My. Gosh. Ohmygosh. Oh MY GOSH! They KIIISSSEEEED! I'm so happy with how this chapter turned out. I'm still guessing this mysterious lady is Ursula and I get the feeling that she isn't entirely bad. I dunno why I get that feeling but I guess only time will tell. This was a lot of fun, seriously. That last bit, despite Killian's sweet talking wasn't corny or cheesy, just really sincere and I love that I felt that! It was just the right amount of young lovin and sincerity. I do hope you update soon because I can't wait to find out what happens next. Our heroes are happy so that only means one thing: SHIT'S ABOUT TO HIT THE FAN.
4/10/2014 c7 20ChainOfPaperclips
Gosh, I love this fic! I loved how sweet their interactions were in this chapter. And the kisses were just electric! Looking forward to the next chapter!
4/9/2014 c7 18trustpixiedust
The feels. I'm dying.
4/8/2014 c7 25Elsa007
AHHH! This is amazing! I've been waiting for this update for EVER but it was so worth the wait! Amazing Job!
4/8/2014 c7 5FairyWings101
OH MY GOODNESS they kissed! This was very much worth the wait. I am SO looking forward to more!
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