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1/21/2015 c14 nightmaster000
Sorry this review is so late.

Anyway this was another great and enjoyable chapter.
12/28/2014 c14 2reven228
It's always great to see this show up in my favorites list. Great chapter as always, we have Cyborg's continued fighting against Brother Blood, Bumblebee's intro, Jericho making a surprise appearance, and all and all season 3 is moving along swiftly. As for if YJ and the JL making an appearance this season, honestly I could go either way, I guess it just matters whichever you feel more excited about writing. Great job as always, keep goin and stay golden
10/29/2014 c13 Titans fan
Another great chapter, good call having spellbound happen when night wing was away. Dick really should have been suspicious of Machior.

Interested in the secret darker members of the titans, including what the team and the league might think of them.
10/10/2014 c13 nightmaster000
Great chapter.

No need to thank me. I'm just happy you like my character enough to use in you're story.

I'm looking forward to seeing who Nightwing will recruit to join the Titans.

I'm also looking forward to learning more about any OC's that appear in this story.

Any chance of using the Don't touch that Dial episode later on? That was one of my favorite episodes in the show.
10/10/2014 c13 3Takei Daloui
Nightwing really does do things a bit darker than Robin did in Teen Titans. He's got an underling to kill enemies, he's keeping Red X around (admittedly because of who he is rather than dark purposes), and I'm not sure what that last part was about the box because it was so long ago so it could be canon or it could not be. Anyway, great chapter.
10/9/2014 c13 2reven228
Another great chapter, we got some good introductions which greatly show how the team Nightwing is forming is different from his canon team. We also got a rather nice ending to the spellbound piece as well as a surprise appearance by Jason Todd. I'll admit that was always what the viewers thought, but to see the former robin be revealed as this world's Red-X was really nice to see. Great job as usual, I'll be sure to keep an eye out for the next update. Great job with my OC as well! Keep goin and stay golden
8/24/2014 c12 Titan's fan
Another good episode, where Starfire proves just how far she's come in fighting ability. And good to see wildfire earlier. Also good call forming an alliance with Tameran, that will be helpful when they move against the reach.
8/22/2014 c12 reven228
Glad to have you back after your hiatus as well as having this chapter come out. It was a nice addition to the story and I am very hyped to see which episode comes next, especially since my favorite episode is coming up in the timeline. All and all great job, by the way, are you still looking for OC's or are you done with that? Keep goin and stay golden
8/7/2014 c11 Titans fan
I cannot described how relieved I am that your continuing this story. So far I've only found 2 other titans/young justice crossovers that are this good and they've both been on hiatus for a really long time, so I'm thrilled to see you picking this back up.

Not a lot different from canon, but with how good it was originally that's a good thing. And haunted is next, man you pick good episodes. I'll admit that it wouldn't be too out of character for Slade to have used a robot back then, but if Terra didn't kill him there is less reason for him to do as Trigon ask. I mean, Slade isn't stupid and in Teen Titans TV show he demonstrate being a master tactician, having enough scientific know how to create advance weapons and his own robotic army, and even enough knowledge to practice mysticism when he tricked thunder and lightning into creating fire. The point is, Slade is smart enough not to trust Trigon unless he's desperate. Or are you planning for trigon to use someone else? (Looks back to read about the glowing red eyes behind Terra's statue).
8/6/2014 c11 Guest
Just wondering, how old is everyone right now?
8/7/2014 c11 nightmaster000
Awesome story. So you still accepting OC's? If you just let me know and i'll pm her bio. Though if you're curious you can find her bio on my profile.
8/6/2014 c11 67michelous
just have red x be jason todd
8/5/2014 c10 turret towers do tower
Titans initiation is very, very intense. I send my best wishes to Cyborg. Hope he survives.
8/5/2014 c11 2reven228
Oh, Haunted, perhaps one of the darkest episodes out there in terms of Teen Titans, as well as my personal favorite. Great chapter as always, I loved the take on the X episode and I am glad to see that you're keeping this story alive. As for Slade and his robots, well while he did love using his robots, I always felt that when it came to larger scale plans, he always tried to do them himself (If you want a job done right...). Given the fact this was a city wide takeover, his enemies were (apparently) dead, and his apprentice was powerless to stop him even if she wished, I think he could afford to handle the finishing blow himself without worrying about being attacked. Plus if he was attacked, he's deathstroke the terminator/Slade, a certified badass who now has a robot army at his back and call.

Anyway, great chapter, I do hope the chapters keep coming as I'm still loving this story. Keep goin and stay golden
4/1/2014 c10 Titans fan
Another aweasome chapter with signs of the Light's manipulation. Given your tendency to skip episodes that aren't related to the season's overall plot, I take it won't be long before we see Brother Blood not only become Cyborg's arch nemesis, and then his dark reflection. You known, sometimes the fine line between good and evil and what seperates them was the most prominent theme. Robin was obvious with his interactions with both Slade and Red X. Starfire's sister Blackfire was her evil miiror. Brother Blood was an erilly creepy evil reflection of cyborg by the end of season 2. Raven draws many parrelles with jinx, the main difference being their different beliefs of whether the nature of their powers defined them or they could overcome that. Not to mention Beast boy and that mechanical muscle freak both turned into different versions of the Beast. I hope you'll be able to cover this theme despite the episodes you skip over.
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