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for bursts of happiness

1/2/2014 c1 PurpleQueen981
Took me forever to actually have the heart to read this XD it's nice and simple. nice and short too. :) I like the little quotes. It's cute :3

1/2/2014 c1 5KookieKing
loved it! how do u write this stuff?
Jackson family has given you (and the cookie monster) some of there famous blue cookies!
1/1/2014 c1 8KA-54
This little reviewer has a giant smile on her face from the Percabeth!
12/31/2013 c1 Swimmer1617
I though annabeth would have the bookish/ wise hide your pain thing not nico. But Percy's and annabeths poem thing was really cute.
12/29/2013 c1 59Blondie B. Happy
Loved it:) We all need our bursts of happiness sometimes:)

12/27/2013 c1 purpleorchid25
Why do you have a sudden erge to break my feels?
12/26/2013 c1 23to kill a flappybird
oh my gosh this is so perfect and amazing c:
I couldn't tell you my favorite section, its so great and different and ah
12/26/2013 c1 2foreverfanfiction
Loved it!
12/26/2013 c1 3Anna Ride
*Whispers deeply.* I love it. It's beautiful. You have saved me from drowning in the pain of bad fanfictions that manages to infect the mostly-great Tumblr supply.
12/26/2013 c1 19QueenBee19
Yay I love. Wonderful job Nat!

xoxo Queenbee19

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