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for The Star Filled Waters

5/12/2018 c1 Guest
3/4/2016 c1 Guest
Linda was meant to Clara's dad partner feom my understanding. But i like her better as an aunt
9/11/2014 c1 26NorthernMage

It's beautiful and the Doctor just needs to recognise the Girl Who Waited!
4/9/2014 c1 2FateOfChaos
MindExplosion. I would have never thought of that. At all.
3/26/2014 c1 fezwearingjellybananas
Awww, that was wonderful.
12/30/2013 c1 59MirrorFlower and DarkWind
oh wow this was just damn I love it
12/30/2013 c1 SuperPotterWhoLockedDancer
Love this idea! And since Clara has had multiple lives and Amy and Rory had been sent back this all is totally plausible...I kind of hope that's where they take this...anyway, love this, although it also made me kind of sad...I miss Amy.
12/30/2013 c1 34slincoln
Sorry to be a killjoy, but Amy died in 2008 (or so). Aside from that, fun idea, and nicely executed. :)
12/28/2013 c1 1Animortal28
(Slow Applause building up to deafening cheering and applause)! That was awesomely inventive story that has made watch the Time of The Doctor all over again...and again just to see these moments!Great job! Keep up the GREAT WORK!
12/27/2013 c1 3Showmesomestars
I thought the same thing, and i think it was a very cute idea
12/27/2013 c1 1AlexBelieve
I wish I could write you a review as beautiful as your writing, but I'm a little busy drowning in my own emotions and self pity. Thank you for the lovely story.
12/27/2013 c1 17Animus et Anima
Not okay... Just not... It was excellent, but emotionally not okay. It was very good though.
12/27/2013 c1 4maycollins
That was really good. Thank you for writing it.
12/27/2013 c1 29littlexkiller
12/27/2013 c1 1districtfours
Aww this was really beautiful! :)

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