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for Flash Goddess of the Elemental Nations

11/29/2020 c2 Dakota D. Daves
I wish you would continue this story, this is the only story like it I have ever found and I would love to read more. dattebayo
10/30/2020 c2 1Pinkypi
I was much sad knowing this only had 2 chapters. I can definitely see kushina leaving Minato over Jiraiya doing the fucked up shit he did. I was relieved it wasnt some bs hiding themselves thing.
5/1/2020 c2 TheAussieRogue
90% of the great stories I read are abandoned.. oof
11/3/2019 c2 jack26
put it up for adoption
11/3/2019 c2 haseosamaa
too bad , sounded promising
11/15/2018 c2 Irusha the Kitsune
Damn, guess it won't be continued...
7/30/2017 c2 3DragonClanMaster
Honestly, Naruto as Yoruichi scares me shitless. That cat is crazy!
9/4/2016 c2 Guest
love it. pity there wasn't more. and yoruich teasing hanabi and kushina GOLDEN :)
12/1/2015 c2 46Hikari Nova
I got to ask when is this going to get updated? I mean it's been over a year and a half since the last update
11/13/2015 c2 9JimmyHall24
Update update update please!
11/13/2015 c1 JimmyHall24
I love this!
8/2/2015 c2 king cool 12
this is one the good bleach/naruto fics i read so far. the idea that the flash goddess yoruichi is or was the knuckal headed ninja naruto uzumaki is pretty interesting. the parts with hinata sister was one of my fav parts. good spelling and each part. gotten yoruichi personalty down and naruto has well. i just hope you continue the story.
7/7/2015 c2 2senselessgrinder
Please keep going either that or put it up for adoption. Thankyou.
12/15/2014 c2 condie2013
what's happened... why hasn't this continued?
10/11/2014 c2 Midcore
Oh my goodness you must update soon.
Great chapter, update soon.
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