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for Lab Coats and Handcuffs

5/4 c17 David12leca
As the 400th review i want to comend you on a wonderful and brilliantly well written story that really gave a beautiful tale to golly it truly was one of my favorites.
5/4 c14 David12leca
Omfg i love it so much and way to give it to elaine and the that line of having fun.
3/20 c17 tennis8
Love this, a perfect end for these two!
1/23 c17 Another Guest
Thank you for writing this incredible story...I just found this. I am sorry to see this end.

If you ever decided to write another story, we'll be happy to read.

have a great year!
1/22 c17 joj14
1/7 c17 Kiki
Loved your story! Great job. I do hope you're thinking about a sequel!
1/1 c17 wkgreen
Thank you for sharing your wonderful story. :) I really enjoyed reading it.
1/1 c17 gda21
Oh yey...so glad you came back to finish it!
12/31/2020 c17 RoterFeuerstein
Oh wow, it's alive! Five and a half years later. How cool is that? Thank you, thank you, thank you! It's after midnight here, so that's my start into the new year. And it's a great start. I wish you all the best!
9/11/2020 c16 Guest
Any chance you’ll ever finish this? We can dream right
1/22/2020 c16 homenum
This story definitely doesn't suck. I mean it has everything. A nerd, an officer (to be), a pussyblocking brother, a sexbot, you can't go wrong with all that.
Seriously though, I'd love to find out how it ends, even though it's been more than four years since the last update. Still, a girl can hope, right?
Thank you.
12/8/2019 c16 Guest
Would love to read the end!
9/26/2019 c16 Shark08
That was a great story! Is there a follow on from it! Would love to see what happens next! Great work!
12/29/2018 c16 Guest
I know it’s been three-ish years since you’ve updated this story, but oddly enough I found this story before I started watching rookie blue. And after reading a few chapters I dove into the show binge watching to catch up. To better understand your writings and this sweet couple though golly and tumblr I met someone related to this fandom and fell in love, we are celebrating three years together this coming Valentine’s Day. Every so often I search for this story and re-read it thinking about how it helped my path in life. I’m so thankful for this story and where it’s led me. I just wanted to say thank you in a round about way.
12/28/2018 c16 Guest
Please come and finish
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