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6/22/2005 c6 Chrystal
Wow! This is a great one. Please update I love this.
6/3/2005 c6 its just me
wow. so that was really good. i love the way you make the dialogue just like how they really talk. some punctuation errors...okay, alot, but who cares, it was still good. just one thing you need to change. in the beginning, red said that it was Kitty's nephew; but in one of the chapters, you called him Ford Foreman. He cant be Foreman if he's Kitty's nephew. He'd have to be Ford (Kitty's maiden name). so, yeah, i dont mean to be a pest, but, yeah... lol. update soon, ur doin GREAT!
1/30/2004 c6 nba-girl
8/27/2003 c6 BB
Seriously man, this is some GOOD writing!
7/20/2003 c6 9Southside
Yes, you finally updated! I loved it. Perfect way to end a fic. Thank you for doing this. :)
7/15/2003 c6 Amanda
OMG I was soo excited when I saw you updated the fic, I thought I was seeing things! I really loved the chapter and the ending. MY only complaint is that could you please maybe update one more time so you can write the smut we've all been waitng for! I love your writing!
7/15/2003 c6 18anni
Okay, I about flipped out when I saw that you had finally updated. Yay! Very happy yays!

And while you may not have liked the ending, it was very hot and sexy, and that is always okay in my book. Of course, I wouldn't argue if you wanted to write more... hint, hint! ;)
7/15/2003 c6 1PixiePunk
Heck no girl! That was hella good...I just wish it wasn't the end...its so should continue and just think of all the ideas. They've finally gone and done it now which just brings a whole nother level to their relationship :) you got lots to write about babes...just take your time and know that if and when you decide to update we'll be here ready and waiting to review ;)
7/15/2003 c6 luckyduckygurl
LOVE IT! DAMN, can you write love scenes! whoe!
7/15/2003 c6 wolviesrogue
Yay,you wrote more! Even if you were not happy with the ending i am sure myself and others will be,a little J/H lovin` is all we need to keep us happy.Lol.
7/15/2003 c6 Candy.07
o that was really good! i just read the whole thing right now. its too bad it wasnt longer, but it was still awesome! u should definatly write another story! ill read it lol!
7/9/2003 c5 Tyricke
I was dissapointed when fez knocked on the door. The story was just getting good too.
7/9/2003 c4 Tyricke
7/9/2003 c3 Tyricke
Hey this is Tyricke again. I love the way your pulling all this together. Like of how Jackie thought hyde hated her. This is getting better and better every chapter.
7/9/2003 c2 Tyricke
Actually this one was better. I like the way you put Jackie in between Hyde and Kelso and Donna in between Eric and Ford. This is getting better and better. Awesome.
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