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for Out'a the Stereotype

1/16/2003 c1 127Lavenderangel
*g* This fic is just too cute. I'm voting for J/C!
11/26/2002 c4 Lavenderangel
This looks excellent so far. I love how you switch PoVs every chapter, and their different personalities are great too. I'm hoping T/J happens, but somehow I doubt it.
10/21/2002 c3 18Deena15
Deena:Yet another chapter well done!*applause*

Hydro:Yeah, yeah...*sleeps*

Deena:He never appreciates anything-.-;;
10/18/2002 c4 13Morbane
(thank you,, for letting me review FOR ONCE). Oh, this is so sweet. I like your sarcasm in dealing with game un-realism. Please keep writing this, it's funny and controlled.
10/18/2002 c3 Morbane
Amusing dialogue. I'm really enjoying reading this.
10/18/2002 c2 Morbane
*Laughs* Hey, there's not many people who take on the challenge of making a battle between Level 3 pokemon interesting. Maybe they should, given your success.

It's Rattata, by the way. I like the soundtrack...
10/18/2002 c4 6Dawn the Espeon
More! ^_^
10/18/2002 c2 18Deena15
Woo! The first fic I've seen that actually goes along with the GSC storyline well! Hydro:Whoop-de-doo...
10/18/2002 c1 Deena15
Deena:That's a good little new-trainer fic! Yes you are! Good ficcy! Hydro:...-.-;;
10/5/2002 c1 The long forgotten Isaacy
Heh... I liked that fic I think it was pretty funny, Can't wait for the next update...
10/4/2002 c1 13Morbane
Oh, how truly cute! Especially with there being a sort of unofficial agreement between them, "This is how it is. You have a crush on me,"...

Yeah, neat. A blend of lots of things, which is one reason I think I'm going to like it. Apart from this part which I already do like.
10/3/2002 c1 6Dawn the Espeon
Nice fic! ^_^ Please udpate soon, I really want to know what happens next!

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