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11/11/2016 c13 4Kittystar77
This is really good, can't wait for more :)
2/9/2016 c4 Bloody.Kirai
Uhm, you might wanna fix this chapter. It has the coding? Or at least I think that's what it's called, when the whole "font-size: 9pt; font-family: Verdana, sans-serif;" kind of stuff start appearing between the actual text that we're supposed to read
5/31/2015 c13 3reddevil47
Love the story
8/13/2014 c13 6Starlights-Glow
Ajaohewahhhaweoaw Chespin. ;A;

Aside from that, I love how the cave reflected more than appearances! And I laughed so hard when we cut back to Chespin's first win, only to 'GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASP OAO' when the next Pokemon was revealed.

All in all I'm enjoying this greatly thus far. Asshole!Calem is so much more interesting than "HI NEIGHBOR" Calem, lol. And I feel heavily for Serena.

Although I question how Chespin hasn't yet evolved? If Serena is preventing it that's cool, or if he's fighting it like Ash's Bulbasaur did that's cool; I'd just like to see it addressed at some point. :V (Assuming Chespin pulls through ;3; what an awful cliffhanger iwoajioehgiaweh.)
5/2/2014 c12 4passwordrawr
(Why didn't I read this sooner)
4/22/2014 c12 11Muffinypowers
How is this story so awesome?
4/5/2014 c10 AneresMelac
Melac: another great chapter! And plans for two more is wonderful!
Aneres: Calem deserves to get smacked, only because he hurt Serenas feelings.
Melac: its not like Calem knew she was there Ane..
Aneres: so!?
Melac* sighs* anyways, before we argue and waste your time, the chapter was good. Cant wait for the next update!
Aneres: hey! I have every right to complain! * gets dragged off*
2/22/2014 c9 7ParadoxRose
Aneres: how... angsty.. But its nice to see a nice update!
Melac: sadly, Calem was not fast enough.
Calem* tied up with a sign on his chest saying ' SHES CRAZY'*
Aneres: ... How can he write?
Melac: the same way you have a green thumb, but kill every plant you touch that isn't yours. No one will ever know
Aneres: meanie..
Calem* a new sign appears ' What are you, 5?'*
Aneres: shuddap! Anyways, cant wait for chapter 10!
2/21/2014 c9 51Dbztron2
Wow! That was amazing! So poetic!

The funny thing about this chapter is I was playing X version when it was posted and am actually in Cyllage city trying to hatch eggs on my bike on the trail. (a lot of Pokemon you can catch in the game are already evolved so to get their pre evolved forms for the pokédex I have to breed them. Yay for ditto!)

Any way great chapter! Keep up the great work!
2/11/2014 c8 Dbztron2
That was awesome!

I mean I hope Calem's ok, but still the suspense! It's been awhile since I've read something that had a good cliff hanger like this!

I wonder if an antidote or a pecha berry would work on a poisoned human like it does on Pokemon. If so then that would have been useful in this little problem. (I'm nuts about Berrys, I normally prefer them to the stuff you buy but I always buy lots of antidotes pretty much first thing in all the games because every time I run into a bug type that isn't a medapod I always end up with at least one poisoned Pokemon and its normally my strongest.)

Also a couple people in my 'Pokemon group' at school at placing bets on what they think the gen 7 professors name will be (since their all named after trees) and right now the top two names are Pine and Willow. Which do you think the gen 7 professors name will be? (it has been confirmed that there will be a gen 7 on of the kids in the group is a transfer student from Japan and got to meet one of the game designers. But that's all they know is that there will be gen 7, but they don't know when it's coming out or anything)

Anyway amazing chapter, keep up the amazing work as always!
2/11/2014 c8 AneresMelac
Melac: Ane, didnt younresearch the zubat there?
Aneres: i did. It was a pain.
Melac: we're glad you like our bickering. As for eye colors, ours are an electric blue
Aneres: mels is more like ice though. Wow, you updated really fast!
Melac: she said she would Ane. A very mysterious chapter this time. Let us hope Calem makes it
Aneres: I FOUND HIM! GET BACK HERE MUTE BOY! * runs after calem
Melac: run calem!
2/10/2014 c7 7ParadoxRose
Aneres: wow! that's fast!
Melac: that just means we can have twice as much of the story to read. Im excited to see the next chapter. And honestly, that palace is huge! I prefer the gardens myself
Aneres: and Id prefer the the inside. Its nice to see you updating again!
Melac: it is. see you soon! Great chapter as always!
2/10/2014 c7 51Dbztron2
Thanks for the shout out it means a lot!

Anyway great chapter! It was a nice surprise since most storys are being abandoned. When I got the email that this was updated I was a bit worried that it would be like the others ad just be some authors note saying the story was done. I'm really really really glad it's an actual chapter and that the story will be continued! You are extreamly talented!

Oh and I played my X version a bit more and found several new side quests. Once you finish the game and do the last couple quests involving the professor and your rival you should head to Luminous City. You should get a mysterious call on your holocaster after exiting the north bulivord Pokemon center. This is one of the longest (and most entertaining yet most annoying in a way) side quests in the whole game and goes by chapters and if I remember correctly there are five chapters. However I'm not one to ruin things to much so you can play it yourself and find out what happens if you like. Just thought I'd share that with you since most people tend to miss this side quest because they stay around route 7 after completing the game because of the berry farm, the daycare (eggs), and trying to reach grand duke/duchess.

(also if you like the mystery dungeon games and haven't played gates to infinity yet I highly sugjest it.)

Anyway, keep up the great work and I can't wait for the next chapter!
1/12/2014 c6 Dbztron2
That was awesome! Totally made my day since I had my b-day party today and only two people showed up. So this was a nice surprise!

Also I noticed that the snorlax in X and Y that was blocking route 7 had a worse move set than the one in firered and leafgreen that blocked route 12. This one was also far weaker. (I still caught it though for pokédex reasons.) it was also disappointing you didn't get the poke flute to keep for yourself so when your own Pokemon fell asleep in battle you could just use that like in the older games instead of having to buy awakenings all the time.

Anyway, great chapter! Hope you keep up the great work as always!
1/12/2014 c6 AneresMelac
Aneres: curse technology for cutting me off!
Melac: but you work with much more advanced computers
Aneres: so? ... Anyways! Its nice how you consider it about us! Im loving Calem right now in his denial! In our world, Calems the mute... yet Serenas the neighbor.. gah! Its hard to explain!
Melac: only because you cant explain it correctly. Im glad we dont bore you VC. Anyways, if you'll excuse me, my neighbors coming - disappears
Aneres: -3-
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