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2h c45 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
5h c30 12Village-Mystic
I'm continuing to enjoy the alternate plot points and character moments.
10h c5 6Allacaya
I really like your spin on the story. I'm already hooked. It's very original and at the same time really simple. Looking very much forward to reading more.
15h c29 12Village-Mystic
I enjoyed your alternate plot points where many characters had roles in defeating the diary, big V, and saving each other (and the school).
17h c28 Village-Mystic
Good enough clues for the readers that it is Pettigrew, but not enough for the characters. Nicely done.
19h c27 Village-Mystic
I'm surprised Sirius had a conversation with Aragog before things went bad. That said, this is a fascinating chapter emphasizing the problem solving skills at an earlier age and time which means other ripples moving forward as well. I can see how it is both frustrating for the children and the teachers, too.
1/24 c26 Village-Mystic
I'm not sure what Dumbledore "exactly knows," but he'll be happy that Harry went to him for help.
1/23 c25 Village-Mystic
I guess it depends how much Petegrew is writing in the diary.
1/21 c22 Village-Mystic
Good job at treating them as people and not just as tropes.
1/20 c21 Village-Mystic
Really enjoyed the plot and character moments in this chapter
1/20 c20 Village-Mystic
Well, I'm sorry that they are still working on the potion, but I'm glad they aren't stealing the supplies. I like the idea that they've decided to go to London real quick to get their supplies.
1/20 c19 Village-Mystic
Enjoyed the alternate plot points. We don't know if the book could still be draining Ginny even though she is frozen, if the source was cut off from the petrification, or if the source had to "move on." It may still be holding some of Ginny's essence. But the question is does her core at rest regenerate, or is that essence gone until the book is possibly destroyed.
1/20 c18 Village-Mystic
Well, that is a clear indication that Ginny is *something* but not confounded.
1/20 c44 2scrandle
Good shit, love the interactions with snape!
1/18 c17 12Village-Mystic
Despite missing the scene where Harry hears a voice with Lockhart, and thus being confused, because you dramatized the rest of the scene, I do like that the not-so-secret-Trio is noticing something about Ginny much earlier on.
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