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5/19 c54 Anon jr
So Moody knows Harry is helping Sirius uh? What about Ron and Hermione? He can see through walls and invisibility cloaks, but does/did Grimuald place have wards to prevent him seeing inside, and did he ever see them inside the car? He would have been clearly able to see the car itself, so I curious why he didn't warn the others there was a car hovering outside the attic window?

For that matter, would the Dept of Mysteries have informed the Dept of Magical Law Enforcement that they gave a Time Turner to a student, so they can't even use the excuse we were at Hogwarts all night with hundreds of witnesses.

Very curious where this story is going now.
5/19 c54 Guest
Omgosh this story is going placesss! I can't wait for the next update!
5/15 c54 Sage of Wind Dragons
cool, cool totally got everyone perspective here Hermione and Sirius and YES.

but the tried to betray you after you fulfilled Masters mish was a great fun.

be curious to see the dynamics after this.

It suck that they lose the house, but alas.

still! another one bites the dust, it did not have as many tethers to work with her as it could have alas.

but Go Ron on info and kill it DEAD.
5/15 c54 3GinnyPotter6891
That was a heart-pumping chapter! But what a humiliating ending for Sirius! Thanks for the update!
5/14 c30 Bosmer1701
This story has become too saccharine for me to continue.
5/14 c29 Bosmer1701
You took what was one of the best moments of the second book and ruined it.
5/14 c54 17Rurouni Scribe8
What an absolutely thrilling chapter well worth the wait. I love it. Again I can’t stress enough how you capture their characters so well. It’s so nice to see all three of the trio shine at each individual point and not one overshadow the other. Also I applaud you with putting that plot point from Deathly Hallows forward. Sirius confronting Kreacher was nice. And then destroying the whore crooks was pretty cool. So that’s two down? Five more to go. Well they got a head start here.
5/14 c11 MetroNeko
Oh my god, don't do that to me. I was devastated when you killed off Padfoot, I'm so glad he's not gone.
5/14 c54 2mwinter1
Awaiting more
5/14 c54 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
5/4 c53 1SentinalSlice
This is so good! I’m so glad I found this. I love the character interactions going on. A sort of angry fond Snape, a patently Sirius, etc.
I’m loving the friendship stuff too. I can’t wait to see them transform eventually.
5/4 c44 SentinalSlice
Harry flies towards death huh. Interesting. The exact opposite of Voldemort.
5/4 c53 2mwinter1
Awaiting more.
5/2 c53 3GinnyPotter6891
Keeping Kreacher out of the saga of the locket is very different from other stores I’ve read…kudos for a fresh look at it. You’re really thinking through the different aspects of Animagus transformation and Dark Magic, coming up with many more ideas than I ever could. Great work—keep it up!
5/2 c53 JayBat
Oh, my. A threatened horcrux, and nothing around to kill it with, and they don't even know what it is. Better hope that it attacks Sirius, not Harry, and that Harry thinks to say "Close" in parseltounge! :-)
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