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for Seasons of change

5/17 c49 2Fire Tempest
This has been a really impressive story and I look forward to seeing how it develops!
5/16 c35 Sage of Wind Dragons

do wonder we need more of the war and actual participants, who did sanpe murder/kill/poison? who did Sirius Kill in fights? who died when and how many?

its all so messy!
5/16 c33 Sage of Wind Dragons
lovely stuff, liked this of actually having Sirius ITNERACT about stuff and tlak and him advise and help and care... what NEEDED.

that bit with the brother is more of a real person thing and sad, enjoyed the star charts thing some things you learn and grow with...

also the trial stuff! ha.

just god I am ENGAGED in this now.
5/16 c31 Sage of Wind Dragons
the you let a friend get tortured for a decade cause you were to worried the justice system would leave him to get off scott free like with Lucius, so sure where you in his guilt and betrayal, when instead YOU were the one to betray!

always lovely that really.
5/15 c27 Sage of Wind Dragons
cute! so fun.
5/6 c49 1OneDocToHealThemAll
So, finally caught up. Wonderful. Just wonderful story. It is so hard to find a truly good fan fic, glad I found yours .
5/5 c11 OneDocToHealThemAll
Huh. First of all I really like your style. Most importantly you give your story time to develop; I like that very much.

I am not too sure about Sirius Black dying. I was like „I must have misread“ because Sirius is quite vital to the original story line. I wonder how you will change things. No Peter revelation for once. Harry does not get his godfather…..

I will continue to read though, I wanna see how it goes. Or maybe we can expect a Bartemius Crouch Jr. stunt? Just hoping for anything to have Sirius survive a little longer
5/4 c49 12Village-Mystic
Good chapter. Complex.
5/4 c2 Guest
Have you considered crossposting to AO3? I'd love to see the fic over there.
5/3 c49 22Rurouni Scribe8
Interesting. So the plot thickens here
5/3 c49 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
5/3 c49 2mwinter1
Awaiting more.
5/3 c49 8Sw-0608
Great chapter! I love how this is going.
5/3 c49 10quietwraith
Great chapter!
4/29 c42 bookivore
Love this story so far, but I have to nitpick: the full moon happens when the moon is on the far side of the earth from the sun. It always rises close to sunset not near noon.
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