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1/2/2014 c6 25Celestia Ruby Calhoun
So, what's being so hard about Jasmine? Is she getting a great variet of results, or it's just too hard to think up her true answers to questions or what?
And you're right, Hans being on Slytherin isn't a true shock. Shock is that he got at least a little of Ravenclaw, it I wasn't waiting for. So I ask myself: There's a character that can really surprises me? I'm still waiting for one.
1/1/2014 c5 9Starlight Wishes 22
Larxillyan here back:
Qell, in fact it wasn't a surprise to me, besides she has qualities that would fit very well in Gryffindor, she has a passion for knowledge too, that makes her a perfect Ravenclaw, and in fact I was really sure she would be one.

Question: Are you going to include any Frozen character on this list in future? (Sorry for ask. I just watched the movie today and am a little crazy about it by now)
12/29/2013 c4 4Larxillyan Von Schweetz
This was pretty obvious too that Ariel would be a Gryffindor. In fact she is one of the few I never could see in Hufflepuff, since she looks like (aparently and personally) with my principall WiR OC, Clarion. When I was little I was used to writte Fanfictions where she was Harry's sister, I still don't know why, but I even felt she this way...
12/29/2013 c3 Larxillyan Von Schweetz
I know how this is complicated to do, principally to get a right result since I'm recently doing this with Wreck-It Ralph characters to my new fic. Sincerelly, I was really expecting mostly of the princess to be on Hufflepuff, besides I can see Bella also in Ravenclaw, and I counted three that could also be on Gryffindor, I will just expect to see what they will get in the future! Happy someone had a so nice idea and is having the work to do this.
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