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for An Unlikely Pair

8/15/2014 c3 6spinshivers
This pairing sounds epic haha, I would love to read a story about it. Or write one. If I could.

I really love the fact that they're together because they both want power, instead of love and all that emotional whatnot. Aaaand it's kinda scary to be comparing Paulina so much to someone like Walker. I remember that guy as one of the more dangerous villains in the series. O-O It'd be cool if Paulina took over the human world and Walker ran the Ghost Zone. But then they'd both be fighting over what happens to Danny. xD

Good job with this one-shot, though! It's a really interesting whole new concept. :D
8/14/2014 c1 5Abandoned Dragon Wings
These are interesting, and definetly unexpected. The removed ghost half of Tucker, with jealousy as his obssesion, and Danny's 'failed' clone That's 2-3 years younger then him, and female. Never a pair I'd ever see coming. (Mostly because tucker in love with his best friends failed clone is kind of akward...) But what is a pairing that I haven't seen before, and am curious about what someone would do with it is Jazz and Johnny 13. (Jazz being free willed this time.) Not that I'd ship this, more that I'm curious.
12/29/2013 c1 2AmethystFlare3
Oooooo I like what you did here :). I'm excited to read more! :)

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