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for The Other Side

6/27/2020 c1 H-Nala
Love the mumbling.
6/22/2017 c1 2brennakai
I liked reading this, however I would not have pictured it as Sho if it was not for the A/N...
I felt it could have been a few people. I didn't get the Sho possessive vibe... though I guess this could be written years down the road when Sho finally grows up a little ..
It was a nice piece on anxiety for teaching out to the one you have feeling for. (feeling of love, friendship, or adoration)
11/6/2016 c1 Guest
Nice. The spaces were distracting though. Don't try to artificially make things look longer by adding lots of unnecessary lines. So what if your story's about as long as your A/Ns? If it's short, it's short. Adding the spaces doesn't make it longer, just annoying.
8/16/2015 c1 Kia
Yas take that Beyotch.
10/28/2014 c1 Guest
10/3/2014 c1 5The Patchwork Rabbit
I thought this was not a Sho fic, but a metaphor for Ren. The door is the boundary of his love. On the other side is the future Ren that is living happily with Kyoko. Every time he meets Kyoko he finds himself at this door. He' always to scared to cross it, but he needs to. At the end he finds the courage to.
5/21/2014 c1 105claraowl
That was rather well-done.
2/9/2014 c1 2crimsontears82684
This was an interesting take on the Sho thing. I like how it was just introspective enough and yet it feels complete.
1/13/2014 c1 27zeynel
Nice fic!

Sho deserved this.
12/31/2013 c1 Era Dubois
You did very well, I enjoyed how short and "sweet" it was.
Great Job,
Era Dubois
P.S. That knocking thing is a pretty common occurrence with the creatives I know. Either that or they barge in due to a lack of manners. ;)
12/31/2013 c1 32Danger All Around
Question: Should I read this?
Answer: Yes.
And so I did.
Question: What have I got to lose?

Any chance I had of resisting the urge to read every story you wrote.
12/30/2013 c1 anna
I like your style of writing. But it's a bit short, don't you think? It's even too short to be a short story, just a mere description of a situation. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed these words, but it was over before I even realised I had begun reading...
12/29/2013 c1 3yoon gae soo
oh i love how you mistreat sho (this time i did sigh in) great chapter

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