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for The Illusion of Time

8/16/2016 c5 MiFmorph
I like the way this story was going and I know its been a while but I hope you may come back to this one day because I would love to read the rest of what you had in mind for this. Great character display as well.

-my lame opinion
6/11/2014 c5 6Mr. Shy Rockstar
NO Fuck I wasn't prepared to catch up to you DX Ugh thats what I get for not reading the number of chapters. Pllleaasseee update soon!
5/3/2014 c5 4Lureln
Aww that's adorable! I really like how you write their characters, but I hope we get to see more fluff between them... 'cause you write them oh so well.
4/26/2014 c4 sybil branson jr
Continue, pls? I absolutely love it so far! :D
3/17/2014 c4 violet-snowflake
okay first of all, i love this story! I love the idea of time travel and there are only a few time travel stories featuring the avengers (i could find) and even less good ones. So far this is really good and has the potential to be awesome! -

btw. Steve and Tony are one of my favorite pairings :Dso you get bonus points for that one XD

i look forward to new chapters -
3/3/2014 c4 2majestic.beauty.sealed.in.ice
OMG! This is totally unique! I would love to read more from you! Ur work is awesome! Please update soon! Don't leave us hanging!
2/9/2014 c4 Guest
Its steve ROGERS by the way. Not like Aaron Rodgers.
2/11/2014 c4 1eep0712
I want more! I like the idea of this.. I can't wait for Tony to see Steve all sexy when he comes out of the machine. I'm not going to lie, every time I watch Captain America, I drool. Chris Evans is a beautiful creature. Ohh, anyway, update soon. (:
1/21/2014 c2 RavenclawDoctorSilveo
Ooh, this is a promising story. Interesting idea. Please update soon!

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