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for A Flu Good Rockets

11/27/2002 c1 106Nova-chan
Aww! My poor, sweet James...good story. Nice n long, like I like it!
11/27/2002 c1 3Insanity Prelude
Wow, I'm still the only reviewer?
11/26/2002 c5 Insanity Prelude
Haze and DC: HEY! No hurting Ashy-chan!

Aikaya: Since when do you two add any of those confusing Japanese suffixes to names?

Haze: Since now.

Avida: And why do you two always talk at the same time? When you're yelling at the author of a fic because of something bad happening to Ash in that fic, anyway... in this case, the whole incident with the chainsaw...

Epsilon: Y'know, think of it this way: It coulda been worse.

Haze: Yeah... but that doesn't mean I'm gonna shut up!

Aikaya: Oi. DC liked this chapter, btw.
10/28/2002 c4 Insanity Prelude
DC and Haze: Ash isn't that stupid!

Aikaya: *rolls eyes* Ignore them. That's just their huge crushes on Ash talking.

DC and Haze: Shut up!

Aikaya: You shut up! Anyway, since DC would rather complain about how you should be nicer to Ash, I'll speak for her: This chapter was funny, but why's it all centered? ^_^
10/14/2002 c3 Insanity Prelude
LOL! :D (No, I couldn't think of anything else to say...)
10/9/2002 c2 Insanity Prelude
Write more! :D

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