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for A Forbidden Friendship

5/16/2016 c1 Guest
Hiccup the cuckold
1/21/2016 c35 Great
Hmm, I was half-expecting Hakon to be married to Heather. Interesting plot, but I dont like the ending... too sad. Although its expected. Looking forward to more!
6/14/2015 c21 EndersCry
Your kind of a dumb dumb. Why you may ask? You didn't have to do one chapter in so many parts. You could just have nine long chapters! I don't see why people can't have long chapters. Is something preventing you from doing so? I don't have a problem with them its just each chapter is not a second or third or fourth or fifth part from the last.
11/9/2014 c30 ivanganev1992
Ok what unlocked the memory ?! His son , the Astrid's gift (shield maiden/warrior tipe ) or Hacon the Healing hand and Outcast,Berserk and provably even Berk . Does Hac/k done anything to Astrid after the weding . He did it to get rid of his friends annoyng bruthal etc .(Hic advice and continuing his mom's job .)
Anyway it is a start .
11/4/2014 c36 Mr. Falli
what kind of sequel?
10/23/2014 c35 8warorpeace
Somehow i imagined that he would kill himself at some point of the story, although pretty much every other twist you did was unexpected, as usual of you. I found this story curious, since it ends with a very sad tone that is unlike of other such as The Legacy of the fire Bearer. Will there be a sequel to Forbidden Friendship? I think that there is a big potential to it, especially if you explore more the voices
10/23/2014 c28 warorpeace
Ooh, that was mean. I think that, by far, this was the cruelest chapter i've read so far. Still, evil twists are common in your story, and a nice change of pace from when you decide to be kind and write a chapter where everything dont go to hell. They are also what i like most in your stories ans why i read them
8/30/2014 c35 Guest
Actually, I was swearing all the time I was reading this, and at the last chapter I ended up crying like a baby
Just wanted to say sorry for swearing at you
Those "evil laughs" really made me mad
I kind of loved the story for the great idea, wich was made by your amazing brain , and really hated it for being tragedy
But your story was amazing and though I didn't feel good about the ending, I couldn't resist reading it
Make the readers not able to stop reading!
Really thanks for the great - sad indeed - story
I loved & hated it
7/30/2014 c5 Guest
Aw, Hiccup is so kind and modest.
6/16/2014 c30 Guest
Does he remember everything, or just flashes?
5/21/2014 c35 Guest
You mind continuing Legacy of the Fire-Bearer now? :DD
5/21/2014 c35 Vika
Thank you for this story! T.T
5/21/2014 c35 Felix
I'm clad you enjoyed writing this! 'Cause I Loved reading it! This epilogue really made me cry! T.T
This story was just SO perfect! :'D
5/20/2014 c35 emerald 222
Thanks for the shout out. I loved this fan fiction right from the start, thanks for not doing a cliffhanger. I would have flipped if there had been one in the epilogue. Your a very talented writer.
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