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5/2 c4 Eragon135790
i dont understand why mc would care about what mcs mother says about sweering and such, it's not like beeing scolded is anything punishing, i even liked it because the reasons my parents came up with for something beeing bad were so hilarious. so really why mc why?
5/2 c2 Eragon135790
i dont understand why reincarnators care for there new family so often.
9/18/2016 c9 3DragonClanMaster
Well, that was a creepy end to a chapter. Can't wait for the next one!
8/19/2016 c9 blackie.chan108
More more more
12/12/2015 c9 Crystal Blue Butterfly
Oh my goodness.
I really like this story. !
Great job!
1/12/2015 c4 2Dedmutt
I think that was a decent place to end the story. I agree that Hewie is a little shit and it's fucking fantastic. Amanda seems like a fearsome woman.
Also...it seems like I need to read Beelzebub.
1/12/2015 c3 Dedmutt
I really need to watch Cryaotic play Haunting Ground.
Anyways, the story's keeping me interested so far! That's a good sign! XD
6/16/2014 c9 chibianimefan26
Leroy and Hewie moments
Are we supposed to ship Hewie and Gavin now xDDDD

oh gawd
that end part

tell me how your job turns out xD
6/15/2014 c9 10KiraLoveless
Dear god, we have a stalker in our hands... Hewie, deploy mission: Scare-the-fuck-out-of-the-intruder-and-make-Gavin-look-mental!
6/7/2014 c8 Guest
See you...in a few months!
6/5/2014 c8 2Zeakagirl
Public library?
4/11/2014 c1 MangoPeanutSituation
... Reading this made me think... You know the clich├ęd "Don't go into the light", well what if that light was... Well what the main character just saw? Man, I have to rethink my life now. Also the fact that the afterlife might seems so corporate is disheartening
4/7/2014 c7 Mystery Reviewer
Finally an update! When is Gavin going to meet some of the characters? Please update soon!
4/6/2014 c7 chibianimefan26
3/20/2014 c6 Crazed King
No. No Hewie, it doesn't matter if you're a disturbed little kid who's a ghost, stop messing with Gavin's head like that.
Thanks for the chapter!
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