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5/24/2020 c44 Guest
Omg I can't believe we still don't know what happened with Jerry that day. Can't imagine how things are gonna turn out well for Gail, but I can't wait to find out more.
5/20/2020 c44 joj14
great thanks
5/4/2020 c44 homenum
Steve finally acknowledged being a bad brother to Gail. He did it to Oliver, not Gail, but still, it's a start.
It'll be fun to see if Holly will be able to break through Emily's defenses. Seeing as she shattered Gail's walls, I think she'll have no problem getting through to Emily.
Thank you.
5/3/2020 c44 Qbonbon
Thanks God you are back!

I was worry how long we have to wait for an updated, and any break through of the case and get the gang behind bar. Hope to read more soon!
5/3/2020 c44 3123a456e
Yay you updated! Great chapter, please update soon. I still think Gail is somehow undercover
5/2/2020 c44 Tofu9162
Lol they should just keep Emily and live a domestic happy life with the three of them. Not possible with the mess going on in their lives, I know :( but I like the small bit of fluff with Gail and Holly. And Steve acknowledging being a bad brother is a good sign. I doubt Gail will ever trust him unless he does some big gesture or something though. And Oliver is stuck in a tough spot too. But it was nice seeing him interact with Steve like this.
5/1/2020 c43 Tofu9162
I love how there’s so much plotting between everyone and not just the police vs Gail and Wolf and them. But also within each group as everyone tries to push their own agenda. Still can’t wait to find out what happened to get Gail to go so undercover that even her own family believes it, or how Oliver is still close with her (probably knows something), or how this all ends for Gail and everyone involved.
5/1/2020 c42 Tofu9162
Dang, Gail can’t catch a break lol. So glad she’s always aware of things going on though. I mean, she obviously has to be, but it definitely has come in handy more than a few times lol. Love the banter between Gail and what is almost her mini Gail lol.
4/1/2020 c42 3sinaikai
hmmm could you please please please write another chapter
9/22/2019 c43 Guest
This is amazing! Thank you for updating! Please keep up the good work!
7/3/2019 c43 joj14
great. thanks a lot
6/30/2019 c43 Guest
Please please continue to update this! Thank you for the update!
6/25/2019 c43 tiy92
Swarek and Blackstone together. Now that's a recipe for disaster. For whom, it's wait and watch.
6/25/2019 c43 Debby
Always excited to see Bravo updated. Your characters in this story are unique yet have the same basic core as presented in Rookie Blue. This story has always been so intriguing I really have no idea on where it will end up but enjoying the ride.
6/25/2019 c43 Guest
Thanks for writing very good story please write on love it
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