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for Taking the Shot

3/31/2014 c1 31Goldleaf83
A really interesting story, with Hochstetter making a . . . not quite but almost moral choice, one that oddly fits the season, even if some of his reasons are less than noble. I can certainly see him wanting to draw out the capture in the way he mentions for a kind of sadistic enjoyment. And yet he feels more decent motives as well, influenced by his memory of his father's story and the impulse to honor the season of peace. The tension between the competing motives makes for an interesting complex view of his character.
1/3/2014 c1 73dust on the wind
Nice to see your name over a story again, and this is a particularly interesting portrait - scratching the surface of the character to reveal unexpected depths. You give a convincing insight into a personality who is too often treated as a cartoon villain, setting up for a convincing and, in a way, quite moving pay-off (though with a sting in it - like the 1914 truce, this is just a temporary cessation of hostilities).

As always, your narrative flow and use of the language is exemplary. Very well done.
1/1/2014 c1 35ColHogan
Terrifying to realize just how close Hogan came to death if not for a Christmas miracle of sorts. Very chilling.
1/1/2014 c1 76snooky-9093
Whoa. that was chilling.

Hochstetter is not a one-dimensional character, something that we (as authors) have explored in depth, but I also think you can catch a glimpse of that in the episodes as well.

I know of the Christmas truce. I always found it odd that things like this happen in war. While reading about the war in Italy. (part two of the wonderful Liberation trilogy by rick Atkinson), I learned that the Germans and Allies, more than once, called a truce to allow each other to search for wounded and to pick up their dead. That behavior, and the capturing of prisoners (if they were treated okay and sent away to camps) leaves me with the unanswerable question of why? One minute you are slaughtering each other, and the next you are acting in a civil manner.

Of course, that behavior didn't always occur. Look at the Eastern Front, and of course the Nazi policies (with willing partners) towards certain civilians.
12/31/2013 c1 14Marie1964
This is a very gripping tale, interesting to see Hogan so close to death if not for the Christmas Miracle that all men experience.
12/31/2013 c1 66Sgt. Moffitt
I do like to think of Hochstetter as a complex character with certain personal standards, rather than just a purely evil creature bent on destroying Hogan. His perception of himself as a protector and his charitable thoughts about the children put a very different spin on the Wolfie we love to hate.

It's nice to see here that he took the tale of the 1914 Christmas Truce to heart and didn't take that shot after all.
12/31/2013 c1 87konarciq
Chilling and warm at the same time... Sounds like you had reason to remember that car crash on the forum with a question like that.

Actually, there is a very readable article on 'cracked' about the Christmas truce of 1914. If only the brass would exist of normal people, too...

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