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for Alien Nightmare Part II: The Return

3/3/2017 c7 Guest
loved it
6/26/2016 c7 54Jennaya
Loved this sequel and all the character references to other shows.

Long live the chocolate!
1/2/2015 c7 66Sgt. Moffitt
Poor Captain K'yrk! I sort of wanted her to survive, but I can see that life on Earth was not an option for her. I'm not surprised that she chose Hogan for her final fight to the death, since she came to respect him as a warrior (although I had to snicker over her description of him as a primitive dirtball). Nice to see that she was starting to rethink her gender-based prejudices...too bad she couldn't share them with her sistren back at the Abraxi Matriarchate.

But I can believe the legend of the dreaded H'rshi monster, since it pretty much controls my life.
1/1/2015 c7 76snooky-9093
Hogan reminds me of Kirk, in this chapter. The last two lines are definitely PBA worthy. The entire story led right into thst moment. Clever! (Or as a woman, should I be insulted, lol).
1/1/2015 c6 snooky-9093
welcome back and happy New Year! Well, hopefully Hogan will make out better than the scientist did in Independence Day. Coincidentally played by Brent Spiner. And, I loved your line about Hogan laying chicken eggs. I agree with your assessment on Ivanova.
1/1/2015 c7 35ColHogan
Hogan is so adept at interrogation he could get the opposition to speak before they realize they are revealing things. Then again, he always did have a golden tongue back at Stalag 13. And I agree that K'yrk did have a Klingon's beliefs about being killed being honorable rather than being a prisoner. I was thinking of Klingons while reading her response to Hogan's questions. But I had to laugh at her being afraid of chocolate, and Hogan managed to use it to kill her while she was choking him. Being scared of a world made up solely of females. I would think Hogan would be in his element there. LOL. And the remark by Hogan at the end had me LMAO. Yeah, Hogan, you'd better hope the chocolate never runs out.
1/1/2015 c7 87konarciq
Hogan handles the interrogation much as I would expect of another Kirk. Makes you wonder how he would have done as a Star Trek officer :-) (Actually, I think Deanna Troi is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen - even if I'm well aware that part of it is make-up and wig etc. Wasn't beauty the main thing you men are looking at in female ST officers? LOL)

Meanwhile, K'yrk seems to have some Klingon-like ideas about honour. I liked it that she decided to give Hogan and Kinch a reason, making it a bit easier on them (yeah, they're the weaker sex, aren't they...) to fulfull her wish.

My favourite part in these final chapters however was the last bit, when they were trying to make sense of it all again. And glad that Hammond had a good word for Kinch after all. And that final exchange between Hogan and Kinch had me laughing out loud - poor guys, scared of a bunch of females! They'd better hope the chocolate won't run out!

The end note was a perfect ending, with the dreaded H'rshi monster LOL! So typical, how this was handled by future generations...
11/2/2014 c5 35ColHogan
Sorry it took so long to review this chapter. Talk about procrastination. Anyway, I always think of Captain Kirk of Star Trek whenever I see the name Capt. K'yrk. And I don't blame Hogan or Kinch for being creeped out seeing something that they hadn't seen for awhile, and now wondering why it's back not to mention why it took them to begin with and then returned them. And it freaked me out when the alien spoke Hogan's name after keeping quiet throughout being observed by Hogan and company. Have to wonder why this alien decided to come back to earth now, and what does it want?
10/30/2014 c5 87konarciq
Now that's a place to cut off a chapter... You better have the next installment up soon!

Glad to see though that Captain K'yrk - despicable as she may be - is able to communicate. She probably chose the wisest men to do it with. But now I want to know how this continues!

Love all the trying to figure out the technical stuff :-)
10/29/2014 c5 66Sgt. Moffitt
Great to see another installment of this story! I can well imagine Hogan and Kinch feeling more than a little uneasy as they prepare to face the nightmare from the past, and then turning away as it seems that their questions will go unanswered...

Poor Captain K'yrk! I'm hoping that since she's able to address Hogan by name, somehow there'll be a degree of understanding between earthlings and alien, and maybe compassion?

Love the puzzlement of Hogan and Kinch over the alien technology that seems eerily familiar to twenty-first century readers! And okay, I guess I can understand why the kidnapped women kept quiet. Nobody wants to be viewed as delusional, and who would believe such a story?
10/29/2014 c5 Susan M. M
Good to see you back! I've missed your stories. Loved the SG-1 and BSG references.
10/29/2014 c4 38Abracadebra
Not a review, because I haven't finished reading - but just a note on a prior reviewer's observation. Decades before it was a movie, Flash Gordon was a comic strip and a radio serial. He was one of the most popular characters in the 1930s. Entirely timely for our heroes.
10/29/2014 c5 76snooky-9093
I'm the first to review this chapter? Okay. I'll reveal my guesses to the references in a pm. Anyway,
I immediately got your references to the Ipod and the digital camera. I had to chuckle at the thought of these aliens having game programs on there. Perhaps they spend their free time trying to match candy? I actually think you've done a great job here painting a picture of fear on the part of the Americans, and the hint of menace felt by Hogan and Kinch. I see an homage to Independence Day in the actions and words of the scientists monitoring the alien and going through the artifacts. I'm sure more than one person has used chocolate as a weapon. LOL
2/24/2014 c4 9mmwaveprincess
Okay first off, I love this story! I read the first one and it was great! Now the sequel is back and I love it also(if you're looking for concise, syntax focused or plot building critique, I'm the wrong reviewer. If you don't mind useless praise, then you're in luck because that's me.)

Next, I just want to point out that 'Flash Gordon' wasn't made until 1980 so nobody in this story would have heard of it, much less seen it. You can confirm this just by Googling the movie. Fun fact: Sam J. Jones aka. Flash Gordon was born in Chicago, Illinois but grew up in Sacramento, California and graduated from my high school(Mira Loma High) in 1972. Although he graduated 41 years before I did but it's fun to think of being a fellow alumni.

Anyway, moving away from the self centered portion of the review: Thanks for clearing up about Columbo. I'm not sure why but I kept thinking about Lilo&Stitch and one of the aliens in there as well as that guy from the government? who was going to take Lilo away from her sister or something. *cough* Sorry, I was mixing up unrelated characters! Although your aliens DO make me think of the aliens in Lilo&Stitch.

Loving the Star Trek jokes, and I bow to the homage to Ivanova from Babylon 5-she was my favorite too! Her and Garibaldi. But honestly, the one about low budget hollywood shows...was good. Almost makes you wonder about Hogan and Kinch's reactions twenty years later when Star Trek premieres and they see the bridge of the Enterprise.

One more thing(I know you said somebody else said this first, but I always think of Uncle from Jackie Chan Adventures. Y'know, the old gray haired dude who ran the antique shop and said that to Jackie.)! You mentioned a POW camp-what do you mean by that? I'm aware that there were camps for German soldiers that the Americans shipped back to the States to hold as prisoner but I didn't think they were as far west as New Mexico. As far as I'm aware, the only *camps* in the Western US were the internment camps for the Japanese-Americans(another miscarriage of justice right there! Seriously, why would you discriminate against *just* the Japanese Americans if you're against the enemy having spies in the US? Going by that line of thinking, you'd think German or Italian Americans would also pose a danger in that time and lock them up, too. I know, it's WWII, different times, attitudes about race were different, I don't need to rehash my WWII US History test essay, etc etc...but still. It's just wrong.)

I know this review is like, really long, and whoever's reading the reviews are probably like this girl talks WAY too much, can she just shut up already? but I'm reviewing for 4 chapters. Anyway, thank you for writing this nicely crafted(oh who am I kidding? I've been fangirling over this the entire review. Beautifully crafted) and insightful stories with lovely historical and cultural lessons in notes along the way. Can't wait for the next chapter. Strike three, she's out!
1/29/2014 c4 35ColHogan
Sorry this review is so late but will take into account chapters three and four. Thank you, thank, thank you for adding one of my favorite all-tie tv characters. The late, great, Peter Falk as Columbo. I just loved his 'Just one more thing,' which I believe was his trademark line. You pegged Columbo perfectly. It's also sad that Kinch faced racism even in his own Army and how General Hammond bristled because Hogan has him as an aide. But Kinch, true to his character, never lets the snide remarks phase him at all. To me, it's a black mark on the military at that time. So glad he's partnered up with Hogan. Hope this investigation brings about some closure for our two heroes. Also, can't wait to see what happens to and with Captain K'yrk.
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