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5/31 c89 18TheXMan99
Made me think about the Beetleborgs there. Anyway great chapter keep it up dude.
5/30 c89 37Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint
Okay after reading this chapter I admit I feel a little mixed. I mainly believe it has had good points but some points that could have been reassed before posting. One part of the chapter I really loved was how you were dealing with Nathan and his chances of retiring. I understand his reasons I mean who wants to be told they cannot do a job due to age hell Koda the Blue Dino CHarge ranger was over a million years. But there will be a moment in your life when you look at the mirror once when you were a child and look again only to see yourself as a grandfather. you forget the limitations put on you after all both you and the franchise have stated the morphers do give off different physical powers to their owners like the 2017 movie, but yet Nathen I agree is a good person but sadly good people can be the dumbest mainly as they can do things which might seem beneficial to themselves but in reality can be negative for the majority of the time. Nathen has reached that stage he is a farther, husband and so forth he has a life which will require him to do jobs outside of being a ranger. When being a ranger can put you in the most risk remember people have died in this job, who is too say he wouldn't? that this beatle monster you have introduced could get lucky and get a ranger kill. So for that part I liked as it felt you really did deal with old age and the pros and cons of not retiring from all angels. The part I took issue with was Rachel and her politics scenes, ehhh i can see what your doing but my problem is whenever I see you talk about politics in this fic, it feels like I'm being treated like a todler when reading. Like this is dialogue someone from Mondoworld would write unfortunately. It just that politics in general is a sever topic as its quite complicated and people learn about from stories like this. So therefore I feel you did sugercoat it about for your oc kinda a Disney princess outlook on the situation. For example her friends said all the people trusted her, can they speak for millions and millions of people that they want her to take over the job? Kids sent her messages of support sadly kids are kids they don't fully know what they are doing at that age and her speeches she was right to focus more on them, mainy as passion is both strong and dangerous, for example what if she accidently provoked a war due to a misunderstanding in her speech? it has happened and this world proved with all its technological advances it still happens. Dude I know your trying to be positive but when dealing with a matter such as politics you need understand it from all angels and not treat it so simply espeacclly to people to teach themselves from reading this story. Over than that everything was great man like that Tattonie came back great job dude and looking forward to the this new monster. Great job man
5/30 c89 1Mywinx14
i think the new green ranger should be anakin or captain rex give a clone a chance to ranger up should nathan retire. another great chapter my star wars and power rangers fantasys are going crazy.
5/30 c89 3RonaldM40196867
I miss Zedd.

Beetles are tough.

Frankenstein’s Monster is a classic celebrity.
5/30 c88 RonaldM40196867
It’s time for more devastation!
5/24 c1 Machine
Excellent story ! Amazing ! Incredible ! Be proud of yourself ! Keep going on and update as soon as possible ! Would you mind if I suggest any ideas : Rex and Cody becoming rangers and anyone else you can think ! Just have it on your mind .! Okay ? Can’t wait !
5/15 c2 mlat
Alexis comes off as a mary sue.
5/11 c88 18TheXMan99
Just like an old rangers episode always plotting to destroy them. Great chapter keep it up dude.
5/9 c8 1patrickharris98
I thought asohka was gonna be a power ranger
5/8 c88 PRandSentaiFan
If there any chance that you might do a teamup of Power Rangers with a Japanese version Super Sentai? But it's your story.
5/8 c88 37Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint
this chapter was a good re introduction to the story. Your writeing has improved from last year when you were writding this story. I am sorry if this comes off as an insult its just last year I felt alinanted from this story mainly becasue it just felt too polictal and chracters were just too hard to connet to mainly becasue it felt less like story telling more like a contest who is more popular your oc's or the actual canon chracters. I didn't like this becasue well it reminded me of kid school, Primery school you know the age groups from 4- 11 go. When your at thoose ages it is very hard to enjoy stuff mainly becasue of three things you get somthing wromng teachers shout at you, in the playground is a warzone and when you like a tv show its a godam battle of kids trying to see who is in the right. Even now I can remeber the mindless debate if Eric the Quantum Ranger clounted as a red ranger or not. While this may come off as petty i do get a little smile knowing i got one over thoose doubters thanks to forever red which conformied it once and for all. But what Im trying to say is when reading this chapter I felt a sense of humblenss that i thought was missing from the previous chapters Kiros joining Almora was a good scene and the way it was conducted no shouting or digs at one another it was just an agreement done when analysising the evidence made sense for all parties involed. I just glad to humbless is here now and hope it contiunes in fuutre chapters. For Anakin being the green ranger while it sounds like a cool idea I do not think his destiny lies within it, not becasue its a bad idea but becasue of the mindset of the chracter. The others have been thaught and expreinced the joys of being a power ranger. WHile ANakin on the other hand has sadly been thaught why he shoudl hate the job and see it as a , he was kidnapped and totured both mentally and phsuyccally in order to become a power ranger, he was used to kill people... the inocent and his fellow brothers and sisters as some jedi and clones have died at his hands and almost killed members of his own family that being Jake, Rachel, Alexis, Nathan and Ahasoka. While he did injure them to different lenghts we all know in theese type of jobs it easily could have gone the other way and instead of an injury he could have sent them to the grave. Remeber rangers have died in the mission Kendrix and the Hightfive rangers are evidence enough. So question is would he want to go back into a ranger suit knowing what it made him do? It would be cool to see how you examine this type of mindset. I am curious to see what ARchina is planning with this proxy monster the plan in itself sounds strange but i am curious to see what it is going to lead up to. great work dude
5/8 c88 3RonaldM40196867
Sacrifices can’t always be avoided.

Time for a test.

Dr. Vindi is pretty popular.
5/7 c67 Bat
I’m speechless ! What should I tell ? That’s beyond yourself ! Amazing work ! Brilliant ! Extraordinary ! One of the best stories I have ever read ! I’ve been looking about many crosshairs , but when I thought of something like this , I said no way • who would write such story .? But when I searched and found it , I said the writer is very smart ! Please continue and finish this story ! Update as soon as possible ! I’m looking forward to it ! I hope you don’t mind me suggesting a few ideas : you can make Satine and obi wan couple , Padme and Satine ( and her sister if you figure something out ) becoming rangers and their children as well . So far that’s all I can think ! I hope you like it ! So update soon ! Can’t wait !
3/3 c75 117
Read the final arc, goy to say it was such a betrayal. An actual horrible betrayal. You made this whole arc just to bash the Jedi, it actuality makes me scared how you would treat a real life relgion. Not mention the hypocrisy of your ocs. I knew Alexis was short sigted by Zane guy is such a sell out jabbing at the Jedi with all that aww you got kids killed, you not expected enough all that mumbo jumbo. He trained the monster who was the bigger threat in the galaxy, he got his blue ranger killed also Jake, Rick and Rachel never saw combat till they became Rangers nor had any training but no lets blame the Jedi, always the Jedi fault even though your characters are far more deserving of the blame. I really respected you for your Batman crossover. I blame who ever helped you write that last arc this anonymous freind of yours he sounds dumb.
2/28 c66 117
You know, out of respect to your disclaimer and my love for your Batmam/ Star Wars story I tried not to say anything negative. However I got to say Alexis really needs to imrpove as a chracter. i get why you don't like the Jedi code but godsake man you talk about people snapping the way she treated Anakin is probbbaly why he snapped in th first place. Reading her chracter I have to say its becasue of people like her why the code exsists to protect people from insults, being a hypocrate if anything she is more to blame for Anakins predcument than the Jedi are. Then again she is rich so it explains why she can be insenstive.
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