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2/22 c22 2bookaddict19
Just so you know Mrs. refers to married ladies. For single ladies you should either use Miss or Ms. (Ms. is also good if you don't know marital status because it works for both).
9/19/2020 c22 Crystal Moon Magic
6/5/2020 c22 Faery66
Hope to read more soon.

3/4/2020 c22 kksambo
So happy to come across this! It’s amazing to see that despite being only in a few episodes, so many people were utterly fascinated by Godric’s compelling character regardless. (And lets be honest, it’s also cuz he’s super hot too lol) I dearly hoped for a few years they’d somehow find a way to bring him back, but alas obviously I was disappointed. So I’m glad to see yet another Godric romance story, cuz they unfortunately seemed to die down in recent years. So please continue!
2/19/2020 c22 QueenCandyy
update soon plz
10/30/2019 c22 Jfozz
I love how Maggie seems to bring out the protective side of other vampires. She is so naive and funny. I must admit I'm curious as to how and when Bill will come undone.
10/14/2019 c22 5wolviegurl
Amazing chapter, please update again soon.
10/8/2019 c22 2Saskia D. Fox
I love this story and the cute relationship that Godric and Maggie have. Isobel is amazing. It would be fun to see a sister bond between her and Maggie :)
10/6/2019 c5 9time-twilight
Great chapter
10/5/2019 c22 dannytyla615
10/5/2019 c22 2galwidanatitud
perhaps referring to her as Mrs. Stackhouse is not correct. Mrs. means she is a married to someone named Stackhouse. I think Miss is more appropriate. :)
10/24/2017 c21 I hate you
Wow. Your oc is a fucking idiot. I don't get why you'd make her that fucking stupid. I liked her better at the beginning. Also she's way way way too young for him. I'm so tired of all these ridiculous stories with over sexualized teens who are way too young to be engaging in sexual intercourse. It'd be one thing if she was a mature intelligent older than her agehigh schooler but honestly she seems like a fucking child half the time. Godric just comes off as an unstable creep with no control. And a relationship were the man obviously wants to control the woman is just disgusting. So over all this is utterly disgusting.
9/13/2017 c23 whisperingeyes
I love this story I love Godric I wish you would write and continue this story
4/18/2017 c23 Guest
Please write more
3/14/2017 c6 Guest
Yayy I wish there were more Godric stories like this
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