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11/10/2014 c3 2The Fullmetal Jedi of Paris
*Turns hot dog over any flames* Fanfic flames aren't good for roasting.
3/10/2014 c15 7spiritwarrior27
I'm already in it! By the way, your story is PHANTASTIC! (get it?)
2/14/2014 c15 4Black Vampire of the Night16
I really enjoy this story so far. This is really amazing.

Erik: I implore you to keep up the good work. I really enjoy this.

You're Faithful Readers,
ShadowPhantom and OperaGhost
1/28/2014 c14 4Rose Frost42
This is awesome I am so exited for the next chapter
1/14/2014 c1 7spiritwarrior27
Update soon!
1/3/2014 c5 1Lady of the Dawn 01
Yes I love stories like these where there are gentlemen who know how to treat a lady 3 I wish there were more men like that in this world but there are a few. I also wish that women could still wear those gorgeous ball gowns and it not be considered a costume but something they wore often. :))
1/3/2014 c4 Lady of the Dawn 01
Oh wow this is very interesting! Not your typical Phantom of the Opera fanfic.
1/1/2014 c12 5hhfdsstuvwpos
Sorry, I just realized that it didn't copy the lines... Some of the chapters have time skips, and I'll try to make sure it copies those next time! Sorry for any confusion this causes.

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