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for Dark Star

10/21/2014 c2 3violetvapours
I only just found this, I like the concept and I really hope you can continue it! Your prose is lovely.
Also, just thought I'd mention that the last line of the chapter is cut off.
1/22/2014 c2 7Forbidden Moons
Poor thing... I like this.
1/22/2014 c1 Forbidden Moons
Sigyn? Ohaha, I know that tale all too well...
1/20/2014 c1 20PeaceHeather
Ergi meant unmanly because it referred to a man who had sex with other men and "played the part of the woman" if you see what I'm getting at.
1/19/2014 c2 1Babs108
Heart renchingly tragic. Again great use of discription. I am already in love with your writing style and it is only chap 2. My only criticism is this didn't need to be its own chapter and it seems like it was connected chapter one at one point or this chapter was longer. But still great job!
1/19/2014 c1 Babs108
Wow! Now this is how you do discription. I felt like I was there. I can't wait to read more.

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