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9/25/2017 c2 dv36muskan
So.. does this mean they'll be meeting more than just that once..?
1/26/2014 c2 4SAK00
You're welcome, DreamsWishesReality :) Though not having the happiest ending, it was a very nice second piece to this. I'm just glad that Chihiro got to see everyone again, though I can't help but wish that she got into the Spirit Realm for the third time. Well, guess that's already my job ... as I'm currently writing a multi-chapter Spirited Away story of my own. Good job! ;)
1/2/2014 c1 SAK00
That was great, I seriously loved this story! I like your writing style! There's one thing I must point out, though ... the name of that spirit isn't No-Name; it's No-Face. And you totally M-U-S-T continue this! It didn't seem complete there. How about turning this story into a two-shot? I was so eager to know what happens next!

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