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for Time is Irrelevant (Time Trilogy Part 1)

6/13/2014 c15 Joyesha
I don't know what to say really. You're writing is absolutely great but the story is dark somehow, Loki is dark and his character is different from any one in other fics out there. It's like every chapter is a unique sorry on its own way, yet still connected to the rest.
THIS IS a complement, because I think this is what Loki is really like before the events of the films, the war and destruction and all.
6/11/2014 c4 Joyesha
Oh dear, this is SO GOOD. I can see I am hooked up to this story already.
Young Thor and Loki are absolutely the cutest things. I don't know what to feel, once I am laughing, next thing I want to just weep.
3/18/2014 c4 7Forbidden Moons
Oh, touching! Poor sweet Loki...
3/18/2014 c3 Forbidden Moons
Oh my, so touching! I daresay that Loki wants the cube for her! OW...
3/18/2014 c2 Forbidden Moons
Ooh, seems sweet enough! Hate Odin!
3/18/2014 c1 Forbidden Moons
Wow, passionate girl lol!
3/14/2014 c1 K9Train
Oh my God!
Is it bad though, that the moment I read about the cube speaking I heard it in a wee chipmunk voice? x'D
3/11/2014 c17 Jested
O'm not one to drop comments all the time, but I do from time to time. First off, this story is amazing! I find myself trying to guess what happens in each chapter but you surprise most of the times. I really love this story. I'm so glad that I gave it chance and read it. There are so many elements that peeked my interest as well as a sea of questions that I am just burning to have answered. But I won't overwhelm you with them, he he. I was really delighted with how you added Baldr, I love all kinds of mythology. So far this is my favorite story of 2014. And favorite author of 2014.

Keep up the great work and please don't leave us hanging. I pray everything goes well in your life.

Over and out!
3/10/2014 c10 K9Train
Happy Spring break, puddin'
Your rewrites are really well done, I didin't think I could be broken over and over so many times in one story.
2/12/2014 c1 10RedBenchArty
1/30/2014 c3 7KieranHowl
I love the direction this story is going.
1/30/2014 c3 K9Train
"Do they just peel apart like citrus slices?" Cracked me up, dunno why. xD
I think 'cause when you imagine little Loki saying it, it's so damn cute.
1/24/2014 c16 K9Train
I like how well you've tied Siv in to the Asgardian universe. I am so looking forward to seeing her in the Avengers, as well as Thor 2. I'm trying to think of all these possible scenarios but I'm positive what you have in mind will have much more feeling to it.

. I forgot you couldn't review a chapter twice so I had to go back to sixteen. /cries
1/24/2014 c19 K9Train
1/21/2014 c18 K9Train
The interaction between Loki and Frigga is so spot on. You've captured her so well!
The birdcage tore my heart and I'm sure by the end of this story my sanity will be out the window.
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