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8/20/2017 c6 10Femslash08
Don't leave us hanging!
4/29/2015 c6 jas
( I love love love it 3:D ) that was me I thought to put a name.
4/29/2015 c6 Guest
Very very well done story it's making me laugh smile and what to read more ( I love love love it 3:D )
1/30/2015 c6 Guest
Can't wait for reunion with her parents
1/28/2015 c6 Guest
Can't wait
4/11/2014 c1 4Olympian 1996
Please update again soon! This is a very nice and interesting story! I would love to read more!
4/7/2014 c6 Guest
Please update soon!
3/10/2014 c3 6Breaking Dawn21
Who's baby is it ? Who's a new mother and father ? Update soon .
2/23/2014 c6 kuramaangel
Yay, she's back! I can't wait to see her reaction to Glinda :) Please update soon
2/10/2014 c6 Ravenclaw 2001
Ahhh! I love it! Please update this really soon!
2/4/2014 c6 2Soccer16star2015
Yay, she got home! Sort of. Can't wait for another chapter.
2/2/2014 c1 Anna
Cool story!:)
1/29/2014 c1 Sidney
Love the story can't wait till next chapter
1/27/2014 c5 Soccer16star2015
Hope you update soon! Can't wait for more!
1/25/2014 c5 Bella
Amaz story!
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