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11/16/2018 c3 Guest
Carl Made Wilbur Robinson Crack!
11/9/2018 c5 Guest
Wilbur is being such a chicken!
10/16/2018 c3 Guest
Carl is being such a big brother!
10/12/2018 c5 Guest
Where's Donkey when you need him? he can sing Make a Move!
9/21/2018 c5 Guest
In this situation if Wilbur doesn’t stop, I think I’m gonna slap him in the face! But just to calm him down!
8/6/2018 c3 Guest
I want to see Wilbur little sister!
7/7/2018 c3 Guest
Does Wilbur kiss his mother with that mouth?!
7/2/2018 c3 Guest
if I was their with Wilbur and Carl I would do what Eddy from Ed Edd n Eddy would do when Carl is teasing Wilbur and shout HEY! HE'S. HAD. ENOUGH ALREADY! BEAT IT!
7/1/2018 c5 Guest
I can’t believe Wilbur the cool and confident guy chickened out! Also please update I want to see how the dinner turns out!
5/10/2015 c5 Yukiko Flame
YAY! I can't wait till next chapter! This is interesting! Please update soon!
5/10/2015 c4 Yukiko Flame
Awwwwww! KAWAII!
5/10/2015 c3 Yukiko Flame
Oh Wilbur. Funny chapter!
5/10/2015 c2 Yukiko Flame
Omg! I guessed right! Bad Wilbur! It is a crime to read a girls diary!
5/10/2015 c1 Yukiko Flame
Haha! He probably crashed into violet and gave him her diary!
3/5/2015 c4 Kikifrost
Keep it up! Really good! Love the story!
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