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for Balancing the Scales

11/23/2021 c19 Lil'Sparrow7
I adore this universe you’ve created! Kevin and Tyler and Davey are so precious and I love them!
11/9/2015 c19 Brenda293
Impressive story !
11/9/2015 c15 Brenda293
WOW ! I mean it !
11/8/2015 c10 Brenda293
I just love this chapter .
11/8/2015 c7 Brenda293
It was a beautiful one .
8/27/2013 c19 22Joel-Gomes
This series is like a meal at a fancy restaurant. After three great appetizers, this is first of three quite satisfying main courses. "Balancing the Scales" is the kind of story that sets a new standard on what good fanfiction should be like. The way the story is carefully built, without rushing into things, the attention to the characters, even the most secondary ones, it all makes for good reading. The only off part is the complete absence of Mr. Cox, but even that is excusable when considering everything else.
6/6/2010 c19 15ILoveTea
I've read this & I've also read Truth and Consequences. I happen to read it again & I still think it's a great story. :)
10/1/2008 c19 3Katescats

Just read your story it was great.
9/21/2008 c19 9Doranwen
I've gotten this far in this story arc, and am absolutely STUNNED. Your talent for working in personality, details of canon, building up new characters, and making a storyline work is more than impressive! From what I can tell, you are by far the best author in this category. (Sad to say, that wasn't a very hard decision, but not because there weren't other stories that were OK, but because yours were simply EXCELLENT.) No one holds a candle to your writing, and the reads are breathtaking; I find myself wanting to read faster, but knowing I have to slow down in order to catch every bit of your carefully crafted detail. I can only hope, now that I've almost finished watching the series myself for the first time, that you'll stick around and keep writing. I like a good new fic every now and then. :)
5/19/2007 c19 HarpD
It's rare to stumble upon a truly fantastic story among these pretender fanfics, both beautifully written and of impeccable detail, it's really absolute genius and i think you're place as a writer, let alone a fanfic writer, is quite unrivalled. It took me a couple of days to get through these 19 chapters but it was more because i wanted to savour the language, the twists and therefore give it its due justice. Truly a pleasure to read - you deserved to know..
8/25/2006 c19 Dark1
Fantastic fic! You discribed everything very good and because of that, the fic is understandeble. What I like about this fic is that the story could happen since it takes place after IOTH. And it is believeble. One way or another I think you wrote a wonderfull fic!
3/6/2005 c19 phi4858
It was a pleasure to read your story.
6/15/2003 c19 B Oots
I have really enjoyed this series so far. I am getting ready to read Truth or Consequence next. I also look forward to reading more of your stories.
5/22/2003 c19 8Yama-Neko
YEA! I really enjoyed this story. So much drama - so much action! it was fun. (Took me two days to read too. I didn't have much computer time.) lol. ^_^
4/11/2003 c19 3EmAnDan
Well MMB, I believe this is one of, if not, the best Pretender stories I have ever read. You amaze me. *smile*
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