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11/22/2019 c8 luvnanofate
I just came across this story (2019) and wanted to say how I enjoyed reading it. I am old to have grown up with Disney movies like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mary Poppins, That Darn Cat and so many more. Not a fan of many of the later ones, but I loved Frozen, though not sure if I will go see Frozen II. Elsa is just so cool, gorgeous and wonderful. Anyway, thanks for the story and I'll be checking out some of your Elsanna stories (who needs hans and kristoff anyway)!
7/1/2019 c8 SGT Nerd Y. Fangirl
"Rock bottom."

Bam, exactly. That is exactly how I felt when I saw Elsa stumble to the ground. It couldn't get any worse than that. What's the point of going on from there, I thought, for Elsa. She looked like she totally lost her will to go on.

And in that moment, I knew Disney created a masterpiece, one for the ages. This was no ordinary Disney kid's cartoon. This was heavy. This was beautifully tragic. Beautifully filmed. I felt for Elsa. So badly. I felt her hit rock bottom. I felt her humanity.

Rock bottom. Spot on, indeed. You're the only Frozen fanfiction writer to actually write what I felt, without knowing it at the time I saw this film. This is why we can relate to this story and Elsa so well. This is why this Disney cartoon still resonates with us 6 years later. Because many of us, myself included, know what it's like to hit rock bottom. And there's only one way to go once you hit rock bottom ... up.
10/24/2015 c8 17ShadowBobcat10
I liked what you did with the ending, though I would have liked incorporation of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman Reprise," which sadly didn't make it into the movie, but is a touching song nonetheless. Great job, loved this story!
10/24/2015 c7 ShadowBobcat10
The scene with her parents - perfect. I've read a lot about how that cell could have never been made so fast, and this explanation is the best put together yet.
10/24/2015 c6 ShadowBobcat10
"And just like the curtain that had covered her parents' picture after they passed, so was Elsa's consciousness..."

Very graceful, this scene was done amazingly even without song. Great!
10/24/2015 c5 ShadowBobcat10
Personally, "For the First Time in Forever Reprise" is my favorite song that made it into the movie, and the way you wove it into the story is spectacular. Elsa's thoughts are real and relatable, and this matches up with the movie very well. Great job.
10/24/2015 c3 ShadowBobcat10
Wow. Just wow. I love the way you incorporated the song into the story, and the actions are more or less at the right time. Believe me, I've watched the movie upwards of fifteen times.

Amazing. The writing smooth, Elsa's emotions raw and relatable. Totally love it.
10/24/2015 c1 ShadowBobcat10
The repetition from Elsa's part in "For the First Time in Forever" sets the scene really well. I really like this chapter :)
9/22/2015 c8 1Elsa Tomago
Elsa can control her powers.. Now, she doesn't have to live in fear.. The sisters are together again and all is well..
9/22/2015 c7 Elsa Tomago
Poor Elsa, she heard the conversation between her parents about the cell prepared especially for her.. Elsa didn't deserve to be put in there.. She didn't ask to be born with powers..
9/22/2015 c6 Elsa Tomago
Elsa is not a monster and will never be.. I hate the Duke of Weselton for sending his two guards to kill Elsa.. Elsa doesn't even do anything wrong.. Her powers is not a curse..
9/22/2015 c5 Elsa Tomago
Oh no, Elsa had accidentally struck Anna in the heart.. Poor Elsa, she had lost her confidence because of it..
9/22/2015 c4 Elsa Tomago
Elsa had build ice sculptures in her ice palace.. I love what Elsa said to her 'parents' and her reaction to her 'younger self'..
9/22/2015 c3 Elsa Tomago
Finally, Elsa had let it go.. It was nice knowing Elsa was at peace with who she was born to be in this chapter..
9/22/2015 c2 Elsa Tomago
Now Anna knew why Elsa had always been in her room.. Poor Elsa, she had to run away after accidentally revealed her powers..
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