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for Say 'I Love You'

2/20/2019 c7 1miesana
What did he just call my dear Lyons FAGGOT
2/20/2019 c3 miesana
It is UR
5/17/2018 c12 AlexXaivier
wonderful story OwO..
2/20/2017 c11 Boiiiiiiii2
countinue I really need to know what happens next ,
12/23/2016 c1 Nony
I came back to re-read this, hope you get back to writing
11/13/2016 c11 Snowflake
What? Undone! What happened to Natsu! TT
7/25/2016 c11 UnknownFujoshiArtist
This story is so amazing! Keep up the good work! ~0~
7/14/2016 c11 Xmen
Faggot update i like this
6/30/2016 c11 Eira-san
omg! update soon... ireally pity natsus life
5/5/2016 c11 Edo.saurus
3/16/2016 c11 Luce
No no no no no no no no NO! Don't stop there!
3/8/2016 c11 5Neo Calous
when are you updating
1/29/2016 c1 Annie
Update please I love ur stories
12/24/2015 c1 Guest
You should keep going please
12/14/2015 c11 Ryuu91
Heyo! I just discovered your story, which is pretty good (lived it very much :D) and you live you lectors with a cliffhanger, like this! Please non!
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