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9/17/2015 c7 Anatomy talner
Make more stories this is awesome.
6/20/2015 c7 aa10282000
Hey! I just started reading this story and I am already done with it. I couldn't stop. This is a great story so far, but why haven't you updated in a while? I hope that you are still planning on writing more of the story.
3/30/2015 c7 1newathis
please post another chapter immediately!
1/24/2015 c7 1blazeandblakemommy2012
This is really good can't wait to read more..
1/4/2015 c7 Ang
The story was really good I hope you finish the I need to know what happens its so interesting.
10/21/2014 c7 zetaq9
Hi ! when you update the story? because up to this point is interesting !
10/3/2014 c7 tina
are you going to continue? please do!
10/1/2014 c7 BonesBooth 4eva
been tooo long! great so far btw!
9/26/2014 c7 Melaniebabyy
I love This Fanfiction.. That Ciffhanger tho
8/17/2014 c6 3swimgirl.garces
please continue this!
2/16/2014 c6 Guest
You should really write more.
2/3/2014 c6 Jules
so far i am liking it...
2/3/2014 c6 6Randi the awesome
I'm enjoying this story! I'm excited to see where it goes!
2/3/2014 c6 loverofbones
I'm glad I found your story it is really good.
1/21/2014 c5 Guest
I really love your story! Most of the "everyone is really young" stories are pretty crap but I really love yours and also, Huzzah!, it makes sense!
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