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for The True Child Of Chaos (old)

2/13 c16 Astramilitarum01
Yeah sorry but I'm out, don't know what the plan was for the story since it's very old already but the start is close to unbearable with the amount of overblown Drama, contradictions of the MCs Character, the basic behavior of Characters and just Logic errors in general.
Also some edits and basic warnings would be nice.
I mean we have massive amounts of child abuse, rape, attempted rape of a child and that's only like the first 10 chapters or so, you warn about Gore but that is something different, especially because it basically didn't serve much in terms of plot later ( i case of the Rape, and attempted rape of a child). At least a warning would have been nice.
Overall the concept is nice and maybe it really gets better afterwards and lean's more into an action / gorefest, but there are just a few thing i hate in story's and overblown Drama that can be easily replaced with something else because it's just that generic and senseless Rape / child abuse for the shock factor are just two of the things that bug me.
12/13/2022 c2 DevilishPotato
when you said lemons, I was hoping Percy's lemons, not the other God's. lol
11/21/2022 c109 Guest
Lets gooo, he's back. I've read your stories for a good while now and all I have to say is keep up the good work!
11/15/2022 c109 tim200390
nice great work
11/12/2022 c109 dicksonrita75
brooooo you're backkkkk... man this story introduced me to fanfiction since 2016 and I'd like to see how much you've improved and grown... welcome back mate
11/5/2022 c109 Rob
I thought you abandoned everything but good to know you are back!
11/6/2022 c109 2Perceus-Prior
YAY! Very excited to see what you change/improve!
11/5/2022 c109 Pistacio
No questions, but I just wanna say welcome back!
11/5/2022 c109 Masoud Ziaie
11/4/2022 c109 3A Trash Mob
Can we get fatal flaw back, that was one of your best imo
11/4/2022 c108 JKingSniper
lol butthurt meryfcuckery
This story already ended long ago
11/4/2022 c109 1Son of Erebus
Glad to hear that your doing good and alive. So happy you came back. Your story's are my favorite on the site and I can't wait to read your continuations and reread this.
11/4/2022 c109 Callum Runchman
I'm ngl I can't even remember what this story is. Like either it's been that long or I got bored of it. Probably the first since I usually unfollow those I get bored of. Wow 109 chapters to read and recap on is gonna take a while
11/4/2022 c109 Dresner8337
How dare you? I've waited years, years I tell you. but on a more serious note, I'm glad to hear that you are doing well and being an adult kicks all our butts, so I can understand not updating
10/3/2022 c9 7nasapeepolover116
wait Artemis met his mom
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