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for The True Child Of Chaos (old)

3/25 c2 gryphindoros
yike just yikes
3/13 c4 Drako2006
Jesus man, I like the story but a little warning is needed for that kind of shit, that’s not gore or lemon that’s SA and rape.
1/20 c4 Guest
I hope percy doesn't forgive posiden it's he's fault that dally got raped and died. Like how tf can he not just visit for like 2 minutes and make sure they were all right
1/20 c4 Guest
Wtf did Sally have to get raped. I get that chaos can't interfere but the other primordials could have didn't order say if " if she doesn't kill him I will kill him myself like tf would you not kill him before raping Sally cus afterwards he would harm percy like wtf.

BTW I do like the story and i think a good story it's just this particular chapter pisses me off like if they want to kill Sally off for the plot just kill her not let her get raped by that disgusting pig
9/10/2023 c10 perstia228
Fixing triton's name didn't work for the most part
8/23/2023 c12 TheCanadianpo8o
Where in thr FUCK did that ending come from Jesus christ
8/22/2023 c4 TheCanadianpo8o
W Gabe torture gotta lobe it
8/18/2023 c48 2Perceus-Prior
in the rewrite it would be great if you let Nico be gay. it's your story but none of the other characters are so it'd be nice if you kept the representation.
8/18/2023 c43 Perceus-Prior
im absolutely sure Bianca and Nico are not twins.
8/7/2023 c9 Andrew234
why is your percy both stronger in some areas and a complete weakling in others like he's this prideful badass two chapters ago in indestructible armor then he's just letting Clarisse put his head in a toilet
4/23/2023 c98 omarbaseer07
isn't chaos the primordials mom ? how tf they over power her much less just tartarus who is a single primordial... alone... against an olympiad god and the creator of the universe... tf your power scale is so broken lol
4/22/2023 c82 omarbaseer07
a fourth of light speed means he could go around the world in a second...
but cos this earth is bigger it would probably take him like less than 20 seconds still to go around.
2/13/2023 c16 Astramilitarum01
Yeah sorry but I'm out, don't know what the plan was for the story since it's very old already but the start is close to unbearable with the amount of overblown Drama, contradictions of the MCs Character, the basic behavior of Characters and just Logic errors in general.
Also some edits and basic warnings would be nice.
I mean we have massive amounts of child abuse, rape, attempted rape of a child and that's only like the first 10 chapters or so, you warn about Gore but that is something different, especially because it basically didn't serve much in terms of plot later ( i case of the Rape, and attempted rape of a child). At least a warning would have been nice.
Overall the concept is nice and maybe it really gets better afterwards and lean's more into an action / gorefest, but there are just a few thing i hate in story's and overblown Drama that can be easily replaced with something else because it's just that generic and senseless Rape / child abuse for the shock factor are just two of the things that bug me.
12/13/2022 c2 DevilishPotato
when you said lemons, I was hoping Percy's lemons, not the other God's. lol
11/21/2022 c109 Guest
Lets gooo, he's back. I've read your stories for a good while now and all I have to say is keep up the good work!
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