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for The Draconequus Tale

8/17/2015 c1 51Saphirabrightscale
6/9/2014 c1 Andrea
Awesome story! Love it! Please update!
1/29/2014 c1 MLPFanToTheCore
.AWESOME! So realistic to the show that I'm at a loss for words. Fantastic!
1/10/2014 c1 StarLilly Rose
Nice and this gives me the background for I Miss the Chocolate Rain. To be honest, I can see that Celestia, Luna and Discord may have been adopted siblings at some point in time, it would explain why Tia totally lost it when he escaped the first time, and why she wanted him 'reformed'. You really do have a lot of talent, keep up the good work!
1/8/2014 c1 63Freida Right
This seems like such a fascinating little cartoon series. I really should be more into it by now... Post-New Year's resolution! 8D
1/7/2014 c1 Avid Reader
This is great. Twilight learns even more about being a princess while we get to see what Discord's story is. Its very plausible! Oh and I saw your art for their parents on DA. If they had parents in the show, THAT would be their parents!
1/5/2014 c1 4Emmo13
Aww, this was great! I really like your thoughts on the draconequuses (draconequi?) and Discord's origin. It was very thought-provoking. Good job!

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