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for To Change the Past

3/16/2014 c12 1Krish11762
Great chapter
3/15/2014 c11 7CaribbeanTrinidadian
what the fraq! eh...naruto...give up? never!
3/15/2014 c11 ougley
wow wasn't expecting that
3/14/2014 c11 34Megatronus89
No disrespect, but wtf! naruto gave up?
Are you gonna pull a twist like that east Indian movie dictator? (Forgot his name... and cant spell it.)
Also would future naruto take pass naruto as an apprentice?
3/14/2014 c11 1Krish11762
Nice plot twist! Can't wait to see what happens next. Hope the next update is soon.
3/10/2014 c10 ougley
3/10/2014 c2 ougley
I will be too i angry I mean
3/9/2014 c10 7CaribbeanTrinidadian
please update soon :D
3/1/2014 c10 December 25th
Awesome chapter! There were a few mistakes in this chapter so it would be the best if you fix it. Good luck!
3/1/2014 c10 bunnyguest
aww that was such a sweet chapter. naruto and iruka still get their bond. sasuke opened up a little. plus konran met and talked to hi old(younger) friends. the hinata faint was a good touch.
liked the ending...got a good laugh out of that.
can't wait for more
3/1/2014 c10 Guest
supert history
3/2/2014 c10 3MantaCat
This is really interesting! I look forward to where you take the story next :)

The only thing I think you could work on would be dialogue. Sometimes it is a bit strange, particularly for Naruto. Even with a new personality, speech patterns are different from written patterns. Other than that, great story and I can't wait to read the next chapter!
2/28/2014 c9 CatsRuletheWorld
Awesome chapter. Are you sure you're new at this stuff?
I really liked how you showed Iruka's side of his original reaction towards Naruto. The slap was awesome.
2/28/2014 c9 Catsloveyarn
That was really good, are you sure you're new at writing? Because it doesn't look like it.
Anyway, nice touch on letting readers view on Iruka's original hesitance with Naruto.
And 'Konran' slapping Iruka was fun.
Last line was cool.
3/1/2014 c10 1UzumakiKirofu
Great story please continue! I really like the interaction between konran and iruka
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