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for To Change the Past

3/1/2014 c10 Silver Heart11DOOM
love it more plz
3/1/2014 c10 1Krish11762
Great chapter. Hope Naruto will interact with naruto soon (lol).
3/1/2014 c8 Krish11762
Interesting chapter, but why are you constantly changing kyuubi from 'he' to a 'she' and then back to a 'he'?
3/1/2014 c10 trix17
That was a great end I really enjoyed this chapter thank you
3/1/2014 c10 1000minus7
Loved the chapter! All the best for your finals! Mine are also starting next week so well hopefully we'll do well... :) anyway awesome chapter!
2/25/2014 c9 bunnyguest
yay iruka's will of fire is back!
so glad konran got angry at iruka. liked the touch with kakashi's book.
oh and clever add with shika's input.
can't wait for more. hope the graduation exam plays out like before.
2/27/2014 c9 1000minus7
I really like this story... Hope to read more!
2/24/2014 c3 Guest
hope he dies in a ditch somewhere if he has failed.
2/25/2014 c9 6pardonwhoisthis
"Dammed Nara" Yay Shikamaru!
2/25/2014 c9 ytygr
So good can't wait for the next chapter!
2/25/2014 c8 kazuri-yuko98
Will you update faster if I review your story? XD
I love itt! Update soon! I 3 Time travel
2/25/2014 c9 7Lawrensu
2/24/2014 c9 naruto789987
I'm not sure where you heard that Kurama was a she, but Kurama is in fact genderless. It's just a mass of chakra, but I prefer to think Kurama is a he. But anyways thanks for updating the story and I'm looking forward to future chapters.
2/24/2014 c9 3December 25th
This is a pretty nice story and I have to admit that it was quite interesting to find out that Iruka was from ANBU before he taught students in the Academy (even though I might've not been true). I look forward to the next chapter!
2/19/2014 c8 Guest
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