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for To Change the Past

11/4/2014 c24 CloudySkies2208
I cried three time because of you ! please update soon
10/16/2014 c24 kimchi759
Weyulll. I think it would be pretty darn cool to see Konran leading Konoha for a while, as a regent or temporary Hokage/leader. I also found it strange he's not using Kage Bunshin, that neither of the Narutos are, really. I thought after all this time, Konran would have a valid excuse as to why he would know a Konoha kinjutsu as a respected Oinin/Jonin(?). Being able to make a long lasting would be awesome for if Konran became a temp leader. Then he could send jiraiya and Naruto on a mission to retrieve Tsunade while using his clones to possibly keep in contact with them while staying in Konoha and leading the recovery efforts. It would also be great if Sasuke didn't revert into an arse. Buut...the Chuunin exams are coming up... I like the originality in moving the timeline up, but I'm hoping Sai and Gaara will still somehow be therapy-ed by Naruto at some point or another. Really enjoying this a lot more than I had initially expected! :)
9/1/2014 c23 Flaming Rose
Thanks so much for updating!

(Insert Kakashi eye smile.)

Please keep up the good work!

8/11/2014 c24 4AdVictoriamCustodes
1) The scenarion isn't, but you could add Konran (so that he spaks to Itachi)...
2) Yes, it would be awesome
3) Yes, constantly reading Naruto did this or Naruto did that is a bore
P.S.S. AWW (whining)
8/7/2014 c24 SHIKATEMA
*elbows your ribs* a sequel... please? Soon.
8/6/2014 c24 Guest
So... This is a awesome story so far but um... This is a time traval story right? Naruto ment to come back and change stuff right? Then why does it feel like he haven't done a thing. Honestly you have for the the most part just retold the normal naruto story except with a bit different twists And times or happenings. I mean everything so far has ended exactly the same as canon... Ok so they were told a bit differently but.. Not by much...Change it up a bit more man. But gota say loveing the overall feel of the story though
7/30/2014 c23 1Kitsune-sama888
No please don't make Konran Hokage. BTW Even though you are 14 you are still a crazy super fanfictastic marvelous brilliant amazing writer! You are definitely one of my favourite authors! Keep writing and don't stop!
Signing out,
7/26/2014 c24 Kitsu
Hokage Konran! How will this turn out! Continue please...
7/27/2014 c10 1Please send me messages
Love it
7/25/2014 c24 Bian'zdotaku
I think Konran must be the hokage, he's Naruto after all..
(Sorry my English is very bad... i'm an Indonesian... -_-)
7/25/2014 c24 The One
Please have enough conscience to post another chapter NOW.
7/23/2014 c24 Guest
finish the story already! Do it Quickly.
7/24/2014 c24 usaginekohime
This is a good story. It's unique in some of the details and it's updates are rather fast. Nice job.
7/24/2014 c24 2microzombie
I'd rather Konran not be Hokage honestly...

I do like your story.

To bad it's not KonranxAnko though. Their interaction is hilarious.
7/22/2014 c24 Agent Anonymus
Nice! I read your chapters and this chapter was great!
And umm... Do you have a sequel 'cause if you have I would be glad to read it.
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