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7/17/2014 c23 VietVu
Ha ha ha, I spit out my drink when I read the Tsunade part.
7/19/2014 c21 ytygr
Kabuto really Danzos an idiot!
7/17/2014 c23 Guest
supert history
7/19/2014 c23 6saiyan prince1
This is very interesting. Keep it up
7/16/2014 c15 Flaming Rose
Love it; please keep it up! (Thumbs up to the author!)
7/16/2014 c6 Flaming Rose
Okay, sorry, the screen rolled up, scoll down to read the beginning; it starts with, "Okay, I think I'll give you the famed "complement sandwhich".

Anyway, I was ranting about relationships, right? Anyway, I love deep relationships without all the shallowness from the ones nowadays. (They usually revolve around sex, or "romance".

Anyway, the ending is mainly rambling so: thank you so much for the chappies/story, may your muse forever be with you, sorry for any grammer mistakes in my review -ironic, right?- , please keep up the good work, happy summer, and g'bye! Prace! Thanks once again! Bye!


Okay, I think I'll give you the famed "complement sandwhich".

1.) The First Piece Of Bread: I love the story!

2.) The Middle: you're grammer's -and not to be rude, but I still have to let you know- really bad. I mean, it's not the worst I've come across -by far- but you really mix up the the past, future, and present tenses -ALOT! this is actually the main problem-.

3.) The Second Piece Of Bread: The plot for this story is fe/nom/e/nal(Don't know how to spell it)! Wounderful! Absoultley wounderful!

(Winces.) Gods I hope that didn't come across to harsh. But, hey, that's what the "complement sandwhich" is for; it makes you fell bad, but then twice as good. Right? Right?! Right?! (Crickets, crickets.)

Yeah, well, I tried, didn't I? Anyway, thanks for listening and sorry if the above made you feel bad or down; I was trying to avoid that. But, I still love the story, so: (Thumbs up and cheeky smile.)

Just as a side note: you might want to try a beta; they can be very helpful with problems like this. Hope that didn't come across rudely. (Smiles sheepishly in apology.)

On a completely different note, it is time foooooooor…drum roll pleeeeeaase!

The Rambling Reviewer!
(Appaulse, appaulse.)
Thank you, thank you! Thank you everybody! Really, really it's just to much!

Alright, alright, enough, enough!
Okay, onto the real stuff: what's going to happen to Naruto when he time travels? Is he going to go back in the body that he currently has, but find out he's deaged slightly? Or he goes back in his current body, but doesn't deage at all? Will he actually have some sense and not go around telling alot of people -even if it's just five-ish to ten-ish- that he's from the future? Or worse: tell them the events that will/might happen in said new future? Will he confide in anybody -I'm usely okay with one or two people, though I lean more towards none or just one. But in this case I'll except Kakashi and the Hokage of that time. By the way - how far back is he going -to the days of the school accademey(?), yes? I forgot if you said he was going back to their school days or to the end of them, or to when they just graduated? Ah, I guess I'll find out.

But, I'm still rooting for Kakashi to be there! I don't care if they have just a really close and intimate(?)realtionship -I'm a HUUUUUGE fan of these, where their like in love, but not the really shallow kind of this days generation; he's got a hot body, he's cute, funny, smart, sexy, bahl, bahl, bahl, bahl! Yuck! I hate those! I mean, it's hard to descibe without going into detail, but most relationships today -even in fanfiction
7/17/2014 c23 196Rangerfan58
it actually makes a lot of sense even with you starting in the middle of a battle, even though there wasn't trouble last time as soon as you come upon the jounin you find out something has happened that you haven't read about yet thus a time skip
7/17/2014 c23 RandomPerson44
This was a really good chapter and i actually thought it made sense. Anyway, please continue to write chapters and update this story cuz i love it and would be very sad if you were to stop
7/17/2014 c23 1000minus7
Cool chapter! I liked the way it was written and I really loved the comedic moments! :D
7/16/2014 c23 2Anubis eye
Interesting but why is the Hokage in the tower that doesn't sound like him and will Konran become the next Hokage instead of Tsunade. I can't wait until you update your next chapter.
6/30/2014 c8 NF15617
again a nice concept and I really like the whole idea of the story but it needs a few touches here and there. It could use a lot more description in its events, a good example is the last little section of this story, you could have taken a few chapters to explain and expand on how Naruto connected with each of the people rather than just summing it up in a few sentences.

Second is that the characters need a bit more depth to them, are they just all mostly the same as in cannon or do they have differences to them that make them unique. There just seems to be very little investment on the part of the reader as to what happens to the extra characters.

Lastly is just something that I personally would like to change. I really can't stand femkyuubi stories as there are way too many of them on this site and with this case, why is she just now telling Naruto about this when Naruto has more important things to do, it just doesn't make much sense.
6/30/2014 c7 NF15617
please don't tell me that this is a femkyuubi story, I really so hope that it is not. Other than that it is good so far, just needs some more details with descriptions and maybe slow it down a bit, the flow seems sort of rushed.
6/22/2014 c22 RandomPerson44
Another awesome chapter! way to go, and please keep updating cuz this story is amazing and i love it!
6/22/2014 c22 a-k12-k
Hey! It's me... Yeah I know I haven't PMed you in a long time, and I'm soooooo sorry I can't even. My mom grounded me until school ends, which is this week *yay! Does happy dance* so I'll PM you soon, OK?

If your wondering how I'm reviewing I'm using my tablet while my mom's in the bathroom. *adrenaline rush anybody? *

Good chapter and that was not a nice cliffhanger. That was just mean. XD PLOT TWIST!
6/21/2014 c22 7readerdreamer5625
Nice chapter.

Though the transition was a little forced, I can see what you're aiming at.

Also is it just me or Konran suddenly became more childish?

Updated my fic too.

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