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for Beloved of Death

6/9/2023 c1 OscuraCat
Loved it!
4/12/2023 c1 Bhea Rhodes
This is very cute and a bit sa felt that death deserved better and i loved the ending wish it was a full story
4/4/2023 c1 HoneyBear84
Love it
6/4/2020 c1 Bb34
4/8/2020 c1 The Punmaster
thats so sweet oh my stars
4/14/2018 c1 Yuuki Kurokasai
I agree that you should expand it. This made me cry so much
3/23/2018 c1 6Svn0One
please expand this into a full story!
11/15/2017 c1 1Lord Maniac
Reading this was an interesting experience, in a good way of course.
Haven't seen any story like this before.
Nice work.
7/28/2017 c1 Devidakk
It's too short for my liking, but I can't say I didn't like it. To be honest, it's completely opposite; I love it.
2/25/2017 c1 seashell92
love the idea. would be great if you expanded on it.
1/26/2017 c1 20Alytiger
This was super cute!
8/28/2016 c1 Guest
8/26/2016 c1 1silverbluerose
Really interesting take on the whole story. I hope you find inspiration to continue this someday. Could Harry have gained an attachment/attune,net to death having been so intimately touched at a young age through the avada kedavra? Like his soul was more anchored/attracted to leaving life hence why is so reckless, his constant brushes with death not helping his fascination? He doesn't even have to be alive when he returns death's gifts since the needle story was a lie and the gifts were for death's sought consorts. A consort wpuld be someone of equal footing with death and that couldn't be someone alive, much less immortal... Anyway, hope you continue this
5/30/2016 c1 darkelife
This is uncomfortably beautiful. I love it.
12/18/2015 c1 2BethTARDIS'anklumous
I love it it's so original I'm kind of in shock so so good
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