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for The Supernovas of Mass Effect: One Way Flight

7/14 c30 ThomasPaine
Why didn't you just ignore the events that conflicted with what you had planned? You mentioned the Burial at Sea DLC messing you up way back and here you mention Fallen Empire throwing things off for you as well.

So why not just say "Uh, screw them for being dumb, I'll write both 1) what I want and 2) what I had planned out for years before they MESSED IT UP!"?

Like, just use what you want and ignore what doesn't work for you. Seems like common sense to me. *Shrug*
(And I'm typing this as a guest review instead of logging in specifically so I can make a reference. Internet cake to you if you catch it)
7/12 c6 4Revliledpembroke
Yeah, the ending to Bioshock Infinite (and its DLC) was real bad. Hey, our protagonists have been through Hell! I'm sure you all just want them to have a happy ending, but, nope, Elizabeth "has" to drown her own father and then gets killed by a Big Daddy in Rapture! Isn't it great!?
4/9 c1 15Vanessa Masters
Oh boy, What Hell I wonder?
4/16/2020 c32 2CrazyBastid
haven't been on fanfic that long - maybe six months or so. just read the entirety of your supernova mass effect series thus far and i have to say ... i love it. it's well written in a technical sense with very few flaws in grammar, punctuation and all that. the story flows pretty well, despite what you've stated in your A/N's. and best of all - in my opinion - i have laughed my ass off more than in most other mass effect stories i've read here. so i give a tip of the hat to you, good sir, with a hearty and sincere 'well done.'

on the other hand, i've some advice for you about healing. it's not a topic to discuss here, however, so please pm me if you wish to talk about it. i've yet to publish anything but i'm also a writer and i have a suggestion for you in that regard that might be helpful to your healing. and as my tag here suggests, i know a bit about crazy. i hope to hear from you soon and i'll be waiting for you next chapter with enormous amounts of patience and instability ... uh ... lose the 'in' from that word. or not. up to you.

3/18/2020 c1 Darth Authorr
Love how Jack in of itself is a warning in the description
6/30/2019 c32 dantezess
And now the wait begins lol...I wish that the rest of Talis loyalty mission was posted before you went on hiatus Its without a doubt the one ive been looking forward to the most *sighs* oh well shit happens. I love your story and will be eagerly awaiting the next chapter. :)
6/30/2019 c28 dantezess
How do these reports keep getting out? unless its EDI in which case something needs to be done about her
6/30/2019 c26 dantezess
lol she needs their help right as she was compiling the exact secret they just told her not to reveal to send to TIM. Honestly...(time for me to go full evil) perfect blackmail material...Save her sister than track her so if miranda reports to TIM about their secret you can give her location to whoever wants it most (their dad). Miranda wants to be a scheming bitch i dont see any reason not to do the same to her *shrug* I did say I was going full evil
6/30/2019 c24 dantezess
You know the only thing i have a problem with is how forgiving (lol) the supernovas are when it comes to both the alliance and cerberus messing with their family (because that's what they are) like when cerberus played them and made chief leave temporarily or when the alliance stabbed them in the back and hell now the alliance is going after liara even though they know (or at least should know) they aren't responsible for the colony attacks.
6/29/2019 c21 dantezess
I completely forgot that she was liara's uuuhh dad? 2nd mom? whatever the fuck the asari have for parents lol monogendered species are weird :P
6/28/2019 c17 dantezess
uh so did cerberus manage to get a piece of alex? (lol) because i'm certain that in the first book of this story you promised they would never get a sample of the blacklight virus. now if they are trying to make a new virus then they're fucking pants-on-head retarded. I can only see this ending in a sudo flood scenario.
6/28/2019 c14 dantezess
all these ungrateful POS showing up wanting to imprison, torture, experiment on and or execute the only ppl trying to stop the massacre of hundreds of thousands if not millions from the collectors when they should be helping them. ME has some of the most bullshit and useless politics ive seen in a fictional universe definitely not number one but its still up there lol. also thanks for the chapter its great, and I'm looking forward to the confrontation of the team and that task force.
6/27/2019 c8 dantezess
Hmm so ryan got nerfed in exchange for having his sister join them BUT can she fight like he could? and will he ever get back to full strength because as far as i'm aware there are no abilities in ME that he could use to replace what he lost unless he goes the tech route. Also i REALLY dislike when MCs get shafted like this normally...but I'm also EXTREMELY curious how your going to balance the story seeing how you mentioned the enemies are only going to get stronger and ryan just got weaker by a large margin.
6/27/2019 c3 dantezess
so if the supernovas are now getting their asses kicked by random mooks with training they have to get stronger/evolve otherwise ME2/3 is going to get boring real fast and i dont read boring
6/27/2019 c1 dantezess
Is it weird that the thought of a pissed off master chief scares me just as much if not more than an angry alex?
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