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11/14/2020 c129 4kitty2142
omg is she lucifers child!? lucifer can't sit properly in a chair or anything even if his life depended on it
11/10/2018 c93 Guest
I have to say, it really bugs me how Nikki is just breezing over losing her foster parents and foster brother whom she obviously cared very much for. I absolutely love the story, but this is just very surreal. Like... ‘okay, dead, let’s never get back to it again. No such thing as grief!’ Even if Chris isn’t dead, it’s really unnatural not to have some form of breakdown or at least some devoted thoughts on his loss. Sorry for ranting. I hope this helps you.
2/28/2018 c114 2ashes2roses
she totally pranked Bela lol.
2/27/2018 c106 ashes2roses
coveted weapon held by the sky...surpasses my guess by a landslide. I need to brush up on my Latin.
2/27/2018 c104 ashes2roses
his brother. that narrows it down...not. if fake Chris is Gabriel, he has a lot of brothers. so which one? I'm betting either Lucifer or Michael.
2/27/2018 c104 ashes2roses
Quae talis est ut cum magicis Venas in hoc mortali Wiccan beatus est
What is so magical when the veins in this mortal Wiccan happy
Odd incantation, but I probably translated a few words wrong.
2/27/2018 c92 ashes2roses
Da mihi virtutem inutilem reddere hoc magicis veneficae sic et in ipsa luce domini tollatur
Give me the power to the Lord-for-nothing taken away to pay this magical witch's matters as well as the light itself,
2/27/2018 c86 ashes2roses
Fake Chris is Gabriel, isn't it?
2/26/2018 c81 ashes2roses
Finally translated it into something that makes sense! "concupivi filia caeli daughter, weapon of heaven." right?
2/26/2018 c77 ashes2roses
memento et pugnat. memento disciplinam in proposito.
Remember the fights. Remember instruction in this case.

sunt qui tibi mente copulare
He will join the mind
Sorry, i just love translating this stuff.
2/26/2018 c75 ashes2roses
Non meminiI remember."
2/26/2018 c75 ashes2roses
"Light fly to the rest of the celestial body. Rest assured, the daughter of the wrath of God, it is not more of the devil. , Sleep on now, and is very dear to thee, lest at any time there is no. May the Lord keep thy coming in, the way of the house of the day to go to sleep so that his horsemen will come to the darkness of pain and propaganda. But in order that the world is at peace."
Angels are singinf this, aren't they?
2/26/2018 c68 ashes2roses
more translations! "Memento et pugnat" translates to "Remember the battle."
2/26/2018 c64 ashes2roses
Et incarnatus est Deo, de caelo sancto animo abire iubeo validae prolis. Si autem non vultis in virga percutiet te, etcogi ad perpetuam.
etcogi isn't actually a word, however there is excogi, and you can also separate et cogi. either way, it means the same thing.

Using et cogi:
The power of God, the holy sky depart bid valid child. But if you do not believe me, though he strike you with the rod, and compelled to a perpetual.
(perpetual means never ending)

Using excogi:
The power of God, the holy sky depart bid valid child. But if you do not believe me, though he strike you with the rod, was devised simply to maintain a lasting.
2/26/2018 c61 ashes2roses
unless my Latin is incorrect, "concupivi filia caeli telum" means "daughter desired air missile."
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