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5/1/2015 c127 9CastielLunaWinchester
Sams dream! O.O
5/1/2015 c127 2MarvellousFaery
Damn it! So close! He was dreamkng damn it!... You're evil.
4/30/2015 c127 JennaDiane
Oooooohhhhh please update again soon! It is getting so good!
4/30/2015 c127 7bookworm0313
Ohhh, Sam is so freaking screwed XD
4/30/2015 c127 wolfenergy17
Oh my, this chapter was sooo much better than the original. I thought the original episode was funny hut this one was absolutely HALARIOUS! Sam's thinking was very entertaining and the part where you kept repeating "Nikki's butt, hips, boobs, neck, other parts of her and what her face looked like when she moaned his name" caused me to be downright hysterical! I wonder if Nikki will catch onto Bella's true motive for helping. The part where Bella told Dean he owed her $600 for a few roots where Nik got a shit-ton more for $25 was perfectly spot on for a Bella-Nikki interaction, which isn't very suprising now that I think about it considering that you are the author of Nikki. You have absolutely no freaking CLUE how estatic I am that you have this storyline planned out up to season 7! The idea that I could read the whole story upto season 7 at one time is mind blowing and VERY inticing, and to think that we are on chapter 127 and Dean hasn't even gone to hell yet! Wow... That makes me VERY happy. As long as you keep updating this story, I will read it and promote it to anyone I know who reads SPN FanFiction (if I ever come across such a person that isn't someone I talk to on PMs on this site). :D
4/30/2015 c127 6GiraffePanda2
This chapter made me laugh. Sam's so whipped. God this is so frustrating because she loved him and then she forgot about him and now he is falling in love with her and wow.
You're up to season 7? Daaaaaaaang.
Anyway, you're awesome, and I love your writing!
Thanks for updating! :D
4/30/2015 c127 4ixistargirl89ixi
Ohhhh...you're a naughty Author! LOL XD Thanks for the update! :D
4/30/2015 c127 ceee24
Amazing! So im love with this story .. it makes my day when I get an email saying that you updated! Also, so excited that you have this story planned till season 7 :) Thanks for your hard work. Please update soon!
4/30/2015 c127 siera.mcmaness
3 words: I love you. Its fantastic, seriously. I was just laughing in my head for the rest of the chapter after Sam woke up.
4/30/2015 c127 Guest
Oooh Sam!
4/30/2015 c126 JennaDiane
This was great! Can't wait to read more! Update soon:) Fun idea: Have Nikki not come out of the dream walking or whatever and Sam goes into get her, finding her suppressed emotions for him? Might be a good twist :)
4/29/2015 c126 ixistargirl89ixi
Great chapter and Yeah... totally hate Bela but they have no choice.
4/29/2015 c126 wolfenergy17
Your cupcakes are very grateful for tour update. Well, at least this one is. If the readers are cupcakes, should we call you our baker or our maker? Anyways, I can't wait to find out how Nikki ends up in the desert. Well, I CAN wait but I really don't WANT to wait. I am looking forward to seeing if Nikki's Wiccan status will have any affect on her control in the dream world, if she takes the African Dream Root that is. Great chapter, as always, if not a bit short. But, hopefully we will get more information on and an explanation of the begining in the next update.
4/29/2015 c126 6GiraffePanda2
Thank you for updating!
I'm so impressed with your OC storyline, with the way it's going, it's really interesting and awesome!
4/29/2015 c125 2Theia-The-Planet
Dude! Update! Now! Can you please make Sam and Nikkie get together soon?! It's so hard to see them not together. Can't wait for the next chapter!
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