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1/20/2014 c18 4ixistargirl89ixi
I laughed so hard at the scene between Sam and Nikkei with dean being naughty lol.
1/19/2014 c17 Beatlefan22
Please update! I need more of this. :-)
1/18/2014 c17 ixistargirl89ixi
Crap crap crap...can't wait to see the next chapter to see what happens next! :)
1/16/2014 c15 Marloweee
Loving this story! Keep it coming! :)
1/18/2014 c16 ixistargirl89ixi
Oh my god! Please update soon... this story is so good!
1/16/2014 c15 1laughsnervously-what
I love this story soooooo much! I need you to update pronto! :D keep this all one story, so when you get more readers they can find it all in one place! I love the plot and I love Sam! UPDATE SOON IM DYING! From an avid reader
1/15/2014 c14 WolfChildofGod05
Pretty good so far.
1/15/2014 c14 4ixistargirl89ixi
Ooohhhh this is getting interesting now! I can't wait to find out soon. :)
1/14/2014 c12 ixistargirl89ixi
Huh... I wonder why she keeps getting pain in her ribs. This story is so interesting so far.
1/13/2014 c11 ixistargirl89ixi
Hey I read all of the chapters in one sitting and I really, really enjoy reading this story. So I hope you'll feel better soon and I can't wait to read more!
1/10/2014 c7 Ellie Field
okay so, I'm very curious about this story.
But, and it might just be me, the chapters are very, very short and it's rather slow going.
I mean, you are already on chapter seven, but it's not like much really happened.
I get for a few chapters to focus on character, background and the general situation, but I really hope you'll get to opening the plot soon, otherwise people will start loosing interest.
Also, you are more likely to get a few more readers if there is actually some actual story plot.

Just a few tips, since it's your first story and all :)
I really hope you'll start the plot soon, because I' hate it for me to get uninterested for lack of 'proper' story, (don't know how to express it else, but you know what I mean)
since I actually find your character kinda interesting.
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